Hi all! I've been trying to link MFP with my Facebook, but, it's telling me it can't connect the 2. I'm using the apps from my phone, should I try from my laptop instead? Help! Lol! Thank you!


  • socioseguro
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    Facebook is not an App that can be connected to MFP
    Check all available Apps at "Apps" option, sky blue banner above
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    you can link your fitbit to facebook to show your steps and so on, but not MFP with facebook
  • blonde_passion
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    I have MFP linked to my facebook. You can do it through the MFP app or through their website. Just click on settings in either one then go to Facebook/Twitter sharing....and you can decide what to post with facebook (options will show up after you've connected to FB)

    Maybe you mean something else, but that's what I got from your question. If I want things to be posted from MFP on Facebook as well....it can be.