100+ lbs to lose!!



  • MrsJenniferLynn
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    ive a lot to lose aswell Jennifer from northern Ireland add me if you like im new x
  • smburton86
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    I'm in a similar situation. I'm currently at 360 pounds. A few years ago I lost about 80 pounds but after moving and now working 3 jobs I've regained about a 100+.
  • bariatricgirl4life
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    I have back & knee issues...had 4 babies in a row & gained massive weight!! I started the " Bariatric Diet" (meat, 1C veggies, 1C fruit 3x a day with only water, Crystal light, and sugar-free tropical popsicles in between) after a psychiatrist said I was not a good candidate because I was "depressed & Lethargic" & I was like whhhhhat?! I mean...what do you expect when you have chronic pain & you're morbidly obese?! That stuff kind of goes hand-in-hand
  • bariatricgirl4life
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    Add me if like ☺️
  • bariatricgirl4life
    bariatricgirl4life Posts: 8 Member
    Also I have this FB page (BariatricGirl4Life) if want to follow for recipies & motivation....
  • LidiaTomczak
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    People where are you? Someone is lost weight? I go into the fresh air, today is a very warm and green.
  • MrsJenniferLynn
    MrsJenniferLynn Posts: 26 Member
    I decided to eat way less yesterday got a bad headache ended up eating more ! very stupid
  • alisonmacklin410
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    I've 100 lb to lose too, already lost 36 since Feb 14th 2016 . I follow a low carb diet. I was a sugarholic now I'm feeling great
  • Adylia16
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    Hi all! Lost 15kg since the start of the year and looking to lose another 50kg for my wedding next June! So I am definitely around, feel free to add me! Keep going!
  • LidiaTomczak
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    Jennifer I understand it is not easy.
    Well, we have success. Weight loss:
    bubbajoe - 62 lb (28 kg) - begun diet from the day after Christmas
    alisonmacklin - 36 lb (16 kg)
    Adylia- 33 lb (15 kg)
    Me - 0 lb (0 kg)
    Can someone else boast?
    Are You doing medical examination? I did, and today I went to the family doctor, tomorrow I go to a nutritionist.
  • LidiaTomczak
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    Spring lasted three days and was ended. Wow how hot , summer.
    I have lost 1 kg hooray !!! :p
  • notkaseykasem
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    My goal is to get healthy. I don't know what my magic number is yet. I'm down 42 lbs since January 1 2016!
  • corsayre8
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    About five years back I lost about 100 pounds, most with MFP and excel isle. Then life changes and injuries and I slipped back into old habits and put it all back on, plus 20 pounds.

    Then I finally got on a scale again just under three weeks ago, I was devastated to see 280. So first goal, 180. Then probably another 30 or so. I actually do better looking at the big challenge than breaking it into increments. Something about my stubborn personality. That said, I'm down about fifteen pounds and feeling better already. Not so much because of the weight loss at this point, but because of the physical activity and healthier food choices.
  • blonde_passion
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    Hey all! I lost 110lbs about 5 years ago now, still maintaining. I keep pretty active and log everyday if you'd like to add me. I know what road you're on, and if I can help out in any way....let me know, I love to chat :)
  • memotic
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    Hello everyone! Just started yesterday, hoping to lose a significant amount of weight and looking for motivators! Currently living in Illinois, add me if you like!
  • bridalou
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    I need to loose also 100+ lbs I like ti be friend and be supporting each other in this long way :smiley:
  • Sheli_L
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    Hello all, I am 39 and started at 320. I have MS and I have 2 teenage girls. I was just diagnosed with PCOS.. I have hovered around 300 for the last 8 yrs or so. Since April, Lost 13 lbs by working out at the ymca, Water Zumba, and water aerobics 2x a week and Cradio lite or Zumba Gold 2x a week. My first goal is to get under 300, then about 250.. then stay at 220. Add me We can do this..
  • LidiaTomczak
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    Welcome New Friends B)
    Another success:
    caseywegloski - 42 lbs (19 kg) Casey Are you my compatriot? I hope so. :)
    corsayre - 15 lbs (7kg)
    blonde_passion - 110 lbs (50 kg) five years ago, and continues to maintain weight without yo-yo effect, wonderful!
    Sheli_L - 13 lbs (6 kg)