Nutritional Meal-Replacement Shake(s)

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Hello all!

I have a quick question:
I am trying to replace one meal a day (most likely lunch) with a meal-replacement shake, however, I need some input about which one that you've personally tried.

I don't think I'm trying to do a protein shake, since I'm not going to be working out like a mad man 24/7, but have you found a nicely-priced meal-replacement shake that you like? and if so, what makes you like it?


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    Lol at the man man comment. I drink protein shakes to up my protein intake. I did wonder why I was growing hairs on my chest and chin. Shake must be working
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    I don't work out like a "man" but I do average between 100 g and 130 g of protein every day. Protein (and fats) help with satiety (feeling full). I've tried GNC's Lean Shake 25 line and Premier Protein. The Lean Shake is designed to be a meal replacement and has a lot of micronutrients in it as well. I absolutely hated the powder version, but the pre-made was pretty good. However, 1 box of 12 shakes runs about $25 (though you can catch them on BOGO 50% a lot of the time). I used that one mainly after working out. I've been drinking Premier Protein for breakfast each morning recently. It has better stats calorie and protein wise than Lean Shake and it's cheaper (if you get it through Costco - 18 are $25). I have one for breakfast because I'm a teacher and on the go. I usually drink mine between 7:30-8:00 each morning, but I'm definitely hungry and ready for my lunch at 10:30 (Kinder has a super early lunch at my school). On the bottle it says it can be used as a meal replacement, but I think it has less micronutrients than Lean Shake (but more protein for 10 less calories). FYI, be prepared for a lot of "just eat real food," and "are you prepared to do this the rest of your life" posts.
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    I'm a big fan of Orgain products and I don't like... I love this powder! It mixes well and I'm a fan of their vanilla flavor. There is a slight artificial sweetener flavor after-taste but not a big deal to me. You can find it on amazon for about $28.00 for 2lb (20 servings or so)
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    Thanks, everyone! I appreciate this feedback. I will definitely look into each product. :)
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    Ideal shake is what I use. I order it off their website. I'm not a huge protein shake/meal replacement person. I usually can't stand the texture but the chocolate ideal shake is actually palatable.
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    I second the Ideal Shape Shake brand. Definitely order it off of their website--it's cheapest and I don't think you can order it in stores. Only 100 calories for the shake, but it easily mixes with anything and you can easily add fruit or "stuff" to it to change up the flavors. Comes in Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, mocha and Cookies N Cream (haven't tried that one).
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    Is there a reason you're considering a meal replacement? Real food is probably cheaper and healthier....... (I'm a big leftovers for lunch fan)
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    When I am old and decrepit I may use meal replacement shakes, until then I'm still chewing my food.
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    I find meal replacements to be the best protein after workouts. The protein gets absorbed quicker because it is a liquid. I personally have tried many varieties but I keep going back to Unicity's Lean Complete. You have to order it online. It comes in chocolate, vanilla and vegan. I usually add almonds, ice, frozen berries, 1/2 a banana, sometimes cinnamon; if you like peanut butter, add it. You can add so much to beef it up so you'll feel fuller longer. Just be careful that the shake you end up with is what it says it is. There are law suits out there right now against GNC and WalMart that claim they have a certain amount of protein in their shakes but it's false - most of it is fillers. Good luck!