Hello! Vegan and athletic - new to MFP

Hi there! My name is Cass and I'm new to MFP. I previously tracked my food using spreadsheets/macros I built myself (am a bit of a dork) but am keen on the ease of use/massive database MFP has to offer.

Bit about me - I'm into HIIT training and weight lifting. I'm just coming off a griefy (and seemingly never ending back injury) and and am back to training now. I wanted something to help keep me on track food wise.

Am always keen to meet new people so if you're into fitness or are vegan (or both...or neither!) say hi :)


  • ravi_tiwari_786
    ravi_tiwari_786 Posts: 651 Member
    Hi Cass, welcome to mfp. I was away for a while (offshore). Now I am back and maintaining vegan diet for a week or so. I have not updated my dairy but will be updating it from next week onwards.
  • tiffanyaheid
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    Hi i am a vegetarian and new to mfp and would like to be friends, sending you an fr
  • tennileb
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    I eat a plant based diet (essentially vegan) I hike/backpack/snowshoe. I love the ease of MFP for tracking, I admit I don't track my food daily but I do use it frequently .