Any UK people with open diaries I can friend?

I'm looking for inspiration and accountability! Are there any UK people I can follow with open diaries? Mine is also open. I've been back on myfitnesspal for a few weeks after having a baby and need to loose 3 stone.


  • Nixx1983
    Nixx1983 Posts: 27 Member
    Yes I'm veggie but diary is open.. I'm rubbish at weekend with slightly over indulging on booze lol but usually good in the week. Il send u a request x
  • KillaRockin
    KillaRockin Posts: 12 Member
    Thanks Pippa! Oh I'm really rubbish all the time so don't worry. Literally cannot go a day without chocolate :/ Decided to just eat diabetic or dark chocolate instead (most the time!) x
  • ljmus1
    ljmus1 Posts: 29 Member
    Me :)
  • MrsAER
    MrsAER Posts: 25 Member
    Add me, I don't know if my diary is open I will open it if not. I have a 5 week old baby and am just getting back to logging. Got just under 3 stone to loose too!
  • bear17
    bear17 Posts: 22 Member
    Hello! I'm from SE England and my diary is open, I don't eat meat though so don't know how helpful it will be! I'm looking to lose another 10lbs, it's been a long slog! Good luck with your weight loss!!x