Anyone tried both Samsung-Galaxy and iphone ?

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Should I switch from Samsung-Galaxy to iphone ?
Any advice ?


  • Attar_
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    Thank you all.
    Any more advice please.
  • MelodyandBarbells
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    Go to the store and play with the latest versions of each phone?
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    JaneiR36 wrote: »
    Go to the store and play with the latest versions of each phone?

    Thank you,
    Still the better way is to have advice from someone tried both, a lot of issues can not appear during quick check in the store
  • Kvm11628
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    I tried both and I crush iOS. Apple trumps Samsung for me
  • YourBeautiful2
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    I've had both the Samsung Glaxaxy S5 and the iPhone 6 Plus ... Personally I like the operating system better on the iPhone. I liked the galaxy because you could customize it more, but that's really the only thing I would say is better than the iPhone. The iPhone is by far the best in my opinion .. It has a large display, better picture quality to me and you can get more apps I feel like on the iPhone, I just missed my iPhone when I was using the Galaxy ... But again that's just my opinion!
  • slinkybinkydog
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    I like my iPhone 6
  • gemdiver00
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    iPhone all the way, volume buttons on my galaxy phone and Samsung tablet broke (phone was in otter box case and the tablet was also in a caseI do miss a few things about having an android phone which I won't discuss here.

    That being said I'm on my 3rd iPhone. 1st phone had this weird display glitch. 2nd phone was dropped on tile and the screen cracked. So far this 3rd phone seems to be holding up.
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    iPhone is soooo User Friendly! I could never switch back to anything else! :)
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    Thank you all
    Appreciate your replies.
  • MsAmandaNJ
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    My experience is with iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S3, so my opinion comparing the two may be dated. I prefer iPhone for texting, the keyboard layout is perfect and there is iMessage. Galaxy is great for everything else, it's just easier to use - larger screen, back button. Although it's a bit large for texting, it does have Swype, which is fantastic. I don't know how the Samsung is with music, I still use the iPhone as a player (I hate how iTunes takes over your music, screws with my organization method). Someone mentioned all the extra bloat galaxy comes with, its true, there's a lot on it I don't use our know what it does. I don't think I'd get the iPhone again, but I am very excited about the Galaxy S7.
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    Thank you so much
  • TheCrawlingChaos
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    The phone my employer provided me was an iphone. My personal phone is a rooted android. I personally hate the iphone. I like the customization I have with the android. There are so many great utilities you can get on android that you can't get on an apple device. and being a developer I like being able to make stuff and just throw it on the phone and have it work. But I can understand someone would like a cleaner experience with the iphone.
  • yusaku02
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    Personal phone: Galaxy S5
    Work phone: iPhone 6

    The Samsung is superior in every way except one. The iPhone has a better camera. If I had to choose only one it's going to be the Samsung every time.
  • Attar_
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    Thank you all, more advice are welcomed
  • Guns_N_Buns
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    Currently, I've been debating on whether to upgrade to the S7 or go back to the iPhone. I have a Galaxy S5 now. I think I like the looks of the iPhone more, and I don't know if this stems from me falling into the fad trap of iPhone marketing. I do miss iMessage, but again, I don't know why the 3 little dots would be enough motivator for me to jump ship, but I do miss those damn indicators. Sometimes I 'text' on my MacBook Pro using iMessage just to feel "cool" again.

    Galaxy was sick at first, I really liked the expandable memory and the customization. However, as of late, my phone seems pretty dang sluggish and I'm getting sick of all this filler or 'bloatware'; it gets to the point where I want to go back to the "basics", so to speak, and stick with the simplicity of iPhone.

    I'd recommend that you just buy an iPhone 5S or something off of ebay -- so you can play around with the interface and not be 'committed' to a $700+ debt -- to determine if you like it. As I understand it, not much (significant) has changed, except for a bit of a processor speed increase.
  • Sarc_Warrior
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    Recently switched from iPhone to S6. Love the Samsung
  • vladpatrick04
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    It has a large display, better picture quality to me

    Well the iPhone 6Plus is a a newer generation than the S5, so is totally normal to be better than the S5 which is the last generation
  • cwolfman13
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    I have both...iphone for work and samsung for personal. I much prefer my samsung.
  • vladpatrick04
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    Anout Samsung you got to keep in mind is using a modified version of Android which is TouchWiz (which is slower than basic android and had a lot of stuff from samsung) but it can be changed.

    The iPhone has a better OS, that can work and look faster on less strong components.

    Im a Samsung User with an S5 and i never had any problems with it except a few small restrictions here and there, i'd like to switch to iPhone cause id like to try it out (im more of an visual guy, if it looks cool im cool with it) and i always tought iPhone cameras are a lil better than others i dont know why, cause spec wise they are not.