I'm new to this and losing weight lifestyle looking for some friends

I'm 27 years old I have 4 kids and I'm wanting to lose around 90lbs I don't have a lot of people to support and help me through my life changing journey please feel free to add me ..


  • Krismarie247
    Krismarie247 Posts: 19 Member
    Hey there, it's awesome you're getting started! You'll be a great inspiration to your kiddos. :smile:
  • Manda5352
    Manda5352 Posts: 121 Member
    Thank you :)
  • adl20162016
    adl20162016 Posts: 1 Member
    You can do this girl! Similar-ish boat. Long term goal is to lose 90 pounds.
    I live in granite and looking for a walking buddy if interested.
  • Manda5352
    Manda5352 Posts: 121 Member
    I can't message you add me please

  • Mark_Thompson_833
    Mark_Thompson_833 Posts: 21 Member
    Hi I've added you, I have 2 kids and know how hard it can be to stay focused while cooking for kids.
  • bridgetpruitt
    bridgetpruitt Posts: 9 Member
    I too am just starting out
  • robot_potato
    robot_potato Posts: 1,535 Member
    Hi! I'm 29 with 3 kids, lost 63 so far with about 22 to go. Sending a friend request :)
  • tomika36
    tomika36 Posts: 5 Member
    Please add me if you need ongoing support
  • MarissaBlevins220
    MarissaBlevins220 Posts: 123 Member
    Anyone can feel free to add me. :)
    Im 28, 1 kid, and I've lost 35 lbs this year...
    The more positive people the merrier!
  • dmj730
    dmj730 Posts: 4 Member
    I've been away for over a year. I'm truly worried about my depression and weight gain. I've gained back about 35 of the 60 that I lost and I'm really depressed over it! I feel disgusted with myself and truly hate the way I look and feel. I need help and willpower!
  • needernt
    needernt Posts: 675 Member
    We can be friend
  • 8diamonds
    8diamonds Posts: 45 Member
    Anyone feel free to add me I'm always looking for supportive friends on here don't get any support from family and friends.
  • alive247
    alive247 Posts: 14 Member
    Hello, im on a similar journey, feel free to add me :)