It Works!

I'm curious on anyone's thoughts on this? Have you tried their products? I have a friend who sells it and wants me to try it.


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    Aaaaaaaaaand this time it really is the scamwoo junk. Good feelings gone.
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    JaneSnowe wrote: »
    She wants you to try it because she sells it. It doesn't really work.

    What @JaneSnowe said.

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    Ooohhh.... I came into this thread thinking I was going to find out what works... then I realized OP's talking about the product It Works... which doesn't work. Like @queenliz99 said, calorie counting works. :)
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    I looked into it extensively since, like you, I have a friend begging me to try it.

    I found that the supplements are so full of fluff and artificial sweeteners that, for me, would be no benefit whatsoever. I would be willing to try a wrap to make myself feel better about wearing a particular outfit for a big night or before a beach week, but only as a temporary solution. The key to It Works is going to be getting customers hooked so they turn into distributors. If they ever quit using the products, the weight or fluff will come right back.
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    It Works on making profit from those who DON'T want do it the tried and true way................CICO.

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    It doesn't
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    It Doesn't Work!
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    My cousin sells it, I had to block her on FB because its constant advertising, and yet she is still overweight.
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    klund13 wrote: »
    I have a friend who sells that stuff. She never posts before and after pictures of herself but of other people, and the photos always seem blurry and weird. She also claims that she can eat whatever she wants because she can take the fat fighters and carb blockers to not gain weight. :D. There's your sign that it is all a waste of money. This app and some motivation is all you need!

    Same here! My friend swears by it but has never once posted a before and after of herself, just of random people that no one knows. And she always says things like "Talking to two girls now that want to join my team. Hurry, I only have one spot left!"... I've doubted it from the beginning!
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    Just say No! I have different people trying to sell - and I have to admit, it is extremely difficult to remain patient, polite and cordial (have to, they are relatives). I just keep saying No thank you - over and over again. grrrrrrrrrr