Friend request - hit me up!

Hey, I've been a member since 2012, but I'm just starting over on my fitness goals with renewed motivation. I've been actively engaged in crossfit since December 2015, but I need to keep better track of my food. Just looking for some like-minded peeps for motivation. Hit me up! :p


  • lisahebert186
    lisahebert186 Posts: 736 Member
    I don't cross fit but I can always use more motivation.
  • Upstate_Dunadan
    Upstate_Dunadan Posts: 435 Member
    Check out my profile, and if you think there's a fit, feel free to FR me. Avid CrossFitter here. Just add some type of note, otherwise I'm liable to decline the request.
  • sweetvalor
    sweetvalor Posts: 24 Member
    I'm doing Insanity and I really need to dial in my nutrition too. Feel free to add me. I'd like to try cossfit though.
  • jillianmarie20
    jillianmarie20 Posts: 36 Member
    Feel free to add me :) I'm back again after a short hiatus haha and would love to hear more about cross fit! I've been wanting to give it a go
  • milamariejm
    milamariejm Posts: 23 Member
    Not a crossfitter but definitely always great to have more friends and accountability partners! Feel free to add me!