Trying to get back into MFP but now I'm a pescetarian and struggling to get in my protein levels

Did a bit of math recently following, some good info on the science side of things for anyone interested. Its a free sign up. Anyway my diet currently is pretty healthy, but i seem to be hitting my fat and carb levels way before my protein. I need to balance it a bit better. I follow various recipes from Freeletics / joe wicks lean in 15 / naturally sassy. i prefer to eat proper meals rather than just ingredients on a plate. However i do seem to be struggling with getting my protein Levels correct.

Any suggestions on types of foods i could incorporate into a vegetarian pescetarian diet? I don't particularly eat that much fish, so other than that on the plant based side of things, whats good? Cheers


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    I eat a lot of fish during the week, and have to little no problem hitting my protein goals. Greek yogurt for breakfast (21 grams of protein), fish for lunch with veggies and/or rice (30 grams of protein), and for dinner, it varies, but there's usually meat involved.

    I would recommend tuna, salmon, sardines, Greek yogurt, beans, nuts, quinoa, farro, and kamut. Chia seeds also add a nice little hit of protein and fiber and can be added to almost anything. Finally, consider adding a protein supplement to your diet if your protein macro is really important to you.
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    Good suggestions above. Also nut butters, veggie meat substitutes, and canned mussels or oysters.
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    That's easy ..shrimp/crab/salmon/tuna all have tonnes of protein.

    I use a whey protein powder in my breakfast smoothie...52grams gives me 41 grams of protein.
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    It's not being a pescetarian that makes it hard -- fish/seafood is a fabulous protein source. It's that you don't actually eat much fish. So as the other poster suggested: if you eat dairy and eggs, dairy and eggs (especially cottage cheese and greek yogurt, IME). Also beans and other legumes, especially soy if you eat it (tofu, tempeh, edamame). Be aware of the protein in other sources, like grains (oh, and if you eat it seitan is a good source), many vegetables (not a lot, but it adds up), and nuts and seeds (more fat, but again they add up).
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    Eat more fish?
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    I keep frozen fish filets in the freezer, easy to cook one up for dinner. Lunches often eggs and egg white (high protein) omlettes. Tuna fish is a very easy protein source for lunches too.

    If you need more protein, then you have to add more protein.
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    Beans are your saviour! Particularly black beans, they're also super high in iron so it covers both your protein and iron needs that you wouldnt be recieving from other meats! :) 21g of protein per 100g, and 48% of your iron intake. I like to cook mine with my rice!
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    Good sources of plant-based protein include tofu, tempeh, seitan, beans, and pea/rice/hemp protein powders.
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    How much protein are you trying to get? I usually try to get a moderate amount - aiming for 100g for 120lb body weight - and don't find it excessively difficult on an ovo-lacto veg diet and no fish/seafood. Seems like the latter would just make it easier. I don't over-rely on eggs (maybe half a dozen a week or less?), don't eat fake meats (don't like 'em) or much of protein powders/bars (ditto - prefer actual food).

    So: Nuts, nut butters, PB2 peanut butter powder (in yogurt or peanut sauce), edamame, beans of all types (eaten in a large number of ways; they can even be pureed to thicken a soup/sauce), tempeh, dry-roasted soybeans, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese (and other cheeses in moderation), milk, kefir, quinoa, other protein-y grains, vegetables that have at least a little protein in preference to those that don't (asparagus, broccoli, spinach, and more), crispy chickpeas or freeze-dried pea pods for snacks, edamame pasta (don't like it with tomato sauce, do like it with Asian flavors such as peanut sauce), chickpea pasta.

    Check out the spreadsheet referenced in this thread on the forums: Carbs and Fats are cheap. Here's a Guide to getting your PROTEIN's worth. Fiber also...

    It lists foods by their protein efficiency - greatest protein for the calories. You'll see a lot of meats/fish near the top, but if you keep scrolling you'll find veggie foods on the list, too. Find things you like & eat more of them.
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    What macros are you trying to hit? As a vegetarian pescetarian who doesn't eat much fish, you may want your carbs higher because getting protein from plants will necessitate more carbs.