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Feeling better and more fit at 50 than I was in my 20's

dbkyserdbkyser Member, Premium Posts: 610 Member Member, Premium Posts: 610 Member
I can lift more, ride more and do way more cardio than I could in my 20's. I am not back at that weight yet but amazed at how much better I feel now that I have shed a lot of that excess weight.
I have to say I enjoy the much younger crowd wondering how I do it. :wink:

Who else is older and getting back into the shape they were a LONG time ago?


  • lorrpblorrpb Member Posts: 11,465 Member Member Posts: 11,465 Member
    For my recent 61st birthday I ran 30 min, which I'd never come CLOSE to doing in my entire life. I'm undoubtedly in better shape than I've ever been, with the possible exception of about a year 30 yrs ago.
  • kshama2001kshama2001 Member Posts: 24,816 Member Member Posts: 24,816 Member
    I feel a lot better now at 49 than I did in my 20s cuz I drank like a fish then. Hurray for no more hangovers!
  • CeeBeeSlimCeeBeeSlim Member Posts: 784 Member Member Posts: 784 Member
    I definitely am!! In my 20s, I took my leanness and activity level for granted and didn't think twice about muscle, calorie counting, formal exercise. I have to work harder now for that leanness so I'm trying not to let my hard work go to waste!!! Now I have muscle I never had before. Yay!
  • sijomialsijomial Member Posts: 18,877 Member Member Posts: 18,877 Member
    Yep - turning 50 was a wake up call for me. Quite a stark choice between growing old unfit and fat or doing something about it.

    Not quite able to lift as much as when I was younger (I used to be very strong...) but back to the weight I was in my teens & twenties and fitter than ever. Set a new PB for cycling last year at age 55, 128 miles in a day.

    This second childhood feels good. :smiley:
  • bogwoppt1bogwoppt1 Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    I would also say I am stronger, and fitter, at 50 than I have been since my teens. My kids are almost grown and I have more time to give myself. Nutrition is important and so is moving daily.

    My kids try to keep up with me, that feels good.
  • cmtristanicmtristani Member Posts: 117 Member Member Posts: 117 Member
    Turned 50 in March, I feel the same way. I look better and feel better than I have since I graduated college. I am looking for another 2% body fat to be gone, and to add some lean muscle, but I look better than ever, and I am driven to get there.
  • frankiesgirliefrankiesgirlie Member Posts: 667 Member Member Posts: 667 Member
    I turn 55 in a couple of weeks, and I have to say I feel better and stronger than I ever expected to at this age.
    Do I look and feel better than I did at 20 or 30.
    No, not really. Because I always exercised and maintained a healthy BMI (if you believe in BMI--total crap really), but I had youth on my side.
    The difference is I'm doing it this time for totally different reasons.
    It's mostly about my health now, and about looking and FEELING my best inside and out.
    In my youth I took my health for granted and starved myself, popped diet pills and drank too much alcohol. I exercised to look hot in a bikini, with little thought to the health benefits. I looked good, or so I've been told, and I'm not blind, I see photos, but often wondered what I was doing to my insides.
    Now everything I do is about keeping my body healthy for a very long time. And, by the way, that doesn't include alcohol or pills, but does include chocolate and or ice cream daily.
    Still like looking good in a bathing suit though.
    I'm not dead...
  • dbkyserdbkyser Member, Premium Posts: 610 Member Member, Premium Posts: 610 Member
    Wow, great to see so many refusing to grow old.
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