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dwa2ee Posts: 1 Member
I have been struggling with my weight forever I suppose I need to loose 8 kilos in 3 monthes that's when my summer vacation ends
But I'm really tired and I feel like there is no hope to do that in 3 months :(


  • socioseguro
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    I suggest you refrain of defining arbitrary deadlines. Just decide to start a healthier lifestyle.

    Read MFP Most Helpful Post at the beginning of this MFP message board.
    Buy yourself a food scale, weigh everything you eat, log it at MFP.
    If you eat at a deficit ( calories burned higher than calories ingested) your body weight will decrease.

    Your target weight to decrease is around 18 pounds, I suggest you enter a "0.5 pounds per week" target weight loss. If you define a higher weight loss per week , MFP will give you a higher deficit, lower daily calorie and you will be hungry. Not sustainable.
    This will not achieve 18 pounds in 3 months but that goal was not achievable in a sustainable manner for starters.

    Good luck in your healthy journey
  • KLangleydoula
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    You can do this! Taking the first step toward a healthier you can be tough, but it is so worth it. Feel free to add me as a friend. :)
  • ashatwell87
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    You can add me :) so can anyone else! I am very active on here