Best class/sport to join for weightloss

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has been attending any sports/classes that have helped them lose weight?

The gym isn't really my thing as it is very crowded and I enjoy a workout that I can really get intense with and get sweating, but at the gym I feel cramped and gross. I used to play hockey for 18 years, but unfortunately I am unable to join a women's team where I live that works well with my schedule, so I am looking for something else. I am very competitive and find sports give me the best work out.

Your input is greatly appreciated, thank you!


  • Linzon
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    Ultimate Frisbee is my sport of choice! Lots of running and an emphasis on team spirit as well as competition. Unfortunately I'm currently recovering from ACL reconstruction surgery after sustaining an injury while playing, but I am so looking forward to getting back at it a year or so from now.
  • Jog17
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    Pound Rockout is the only class I've found that I really really enjoy - recommend !!
  • cecsav1
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    Crossfit sounds like it might be a good fit for you
  • cesser1
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    Kickboxing? Tennis? Waterpolo?
  • acheben
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    I really enjoy volleyball. I think your best bet will be to join a sport and social league for a season (usually 6wks) and try it out. Our league offers a wide variety of sports like volleyball, basketball, kickball, flag football, dodge ball, and tennis.
  • MalcolmX1983
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  • kristinaschmidt129142
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    Jog17 wrote: »
    Pound Rockout is the only class I've found that I really really enjoy - recommend !!

    what exactly is pound rockout?
  • kristinaschmidt129142
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    cecsav1 wrote: »
    Crossfit sounds like it might be a good fit for you

    I used to do crossfit when I played hockey, but unfortunately all the classes they have near me are extremely expensive!
    and doing crossfit at a public gym is near impossible.
    Thanks for your input though!!
  • 47Jacqueline
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  • jcow84
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    The best way to lose weight is in the kitchen - but I really believe that the classes/exercise/sport that will keep you fit is the one you most enjoy. If it's a chore to attend it then you probably won't keep going. I personally like weight training, running and playing squash (when I can find a partner!).
  • hiyomi
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    A sport that you love, because its easy to do exercise and lose weight when you are doing something you already love! My love is volleyball, and I would play for almost 2 hours a day straight! It was great exercise for me!
  • girlinahat
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    Roller derby