Sugar free foods

Does anyone know where I can buy sugar free food from everywhere I look is fat free but sugar higher than I want


  • ho11y4271
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    What types of food are you wanting? Do you mean packaged foods without sugar?
  • elphie754
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    Why do you want sugar free food? That may help in guiding you to a good place to buy the food you are looking for.
  • jgnatca
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    All the meats and oils.
  • Serah87
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    No fruit or veggies??
  • chelseafxx
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    First it's best to answer why you are looking for sugar free foods so you can get a better answer :)
  • lemurcat12
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    Sugar free or without added sugar?

    Meat (including fish) is going to be sugar free. Plain dairy, fruits, and veg will have sugar, but no added sugar. Same with potatoes and sweet potatoes and corn. Oil and mustard will typically be sugar free (unless it's something like honey mustard).

    Eggs are essentially sugar free, oats and pasta and rice and quinoa and barley, etc., will not have added sugar. Store-bought bread might have a bit of added sugar but you can find brands that do not.

    Very little that I buy has added sugar (unless it's a sweet, like ice cream or chocolate). A great deal of what I buy has intrinsic sugar in some amount.
  • de7inhim
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    Most stores have a diabetic section. I get sugar free jello and Carbmaster yogurt at Kroger.
  • nvmomketo
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    If you avoid processed foods you will be avoiding added sugars. Ingredients ending in "ose" are sugars, and so are those ending in "extrin", along with syrups, honey, and agave. Are you avoiding sugar alcohols too? Those ingredients ending in "ol".

    Avoiding sugar in general usually requires a low carb diet based around, meat, eggs, nuts, olives, full fat dairy (cheese, cream), avocados, coconut and green and leafy veggies with a few more low GI veggies and fruits thrown in. I eat very low carb and high fat and often have sugar intake of about 5g per day.