Hello there!
I'm Jamie from Michigan.
I work midnight's at a hospital, and trying to stay in track with eating healthy and working out!
Hasn't been easy while working midnight's the past 7 years.
But I'm improving.
Needing a little help with encouragement, and motivation.
Would love any friends that are willing to help!

Your all beautiful, and keep up the good work!!!


  • thegreatcanook
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    Hi Jamie! Bay City, MI here! Feel free to add me for motivation and support!
  • girlbojangle
    girlbojangle Posts: 33 Member
    Thank you! Just sent the request!
  • AndrewD315
    AndrewD315 Posts: 57 Member
    Add me.Great seeing more folks from the mitten.
  • rabblescum
    rabblescum Posts: 78 Member
    I am a Michigan girl working midnight as support staff at a hospital. Going on five years I think as a nightshifter. Feel free to add me.
  • butterbuns123
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    Hi Jamie I'm Jayme :D mines spelt the right way
  • Misspinklift
    Misspinklift Posts: 384 Member
    I'm from Michigan
  • Tapir13
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    I'm not from Michigan. But I've been there, does that count? ;)
  • LucasWilkesWright
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    edited May 2016
    Working those hours you should try prepping your meals ahead of time ! It's very easy to grab this and grab that ( usually unhealthy ) when you have a schedule like yours
    Go Michigan !
  • girlbojangle
    girlbojangle Posts: 33 Member
    I do prep before my week starts. It's just the working out part after working 12 hour shifts at the hospital.
    Yes it is very hard. But I've lost some weight so far with this app.
  • girlbojangle
    girlbojangle Posts: 33 Member
    Anybody have any good advice to getting into a routine with working out multiple days in a row? That's the main thing that I've been having problems with.
    Any advice would be good advice.
  • Delta9Fit
    Delta9Fit Posts: 4 Member
    Do you have a workout routine you follow or do you just wing it in the gym?
  • girlbojangle
    girlbojangle Posts: 33 Member
    I made a room in my house into a gym with a Tredclimber, Bosu Ball, Weights, and Kettle bells. I just need to find some good workouts and get into a routine of working out at least 5 days a week.
  • trvshm
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    Do some circuit training. For me it was easier to get a workout in before a night shift rather than after. You have some decent equipment. I'd just google full body circuit workouts and make you up a few routines.
  • Delta9Fit
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    Sounds like a nice setup! 5 days a week is pretty intense, if your motivation is low you could be setting yourself up for failure. You have it in your head you want 5 days but you only do 3 and then you feel like your not doing enough. Most people can see great results with 3 days. Your equipment sounds great for running a circuit. I have all day free tomorrow(today) when I come home from the gym I'll look into designing you a small sample workout if you would like. Do you have any injuries that make certain movement's hard or painful?
  • girlbojangle
    girlbojangle Posts: 33 Member
    Alrighty boys! I'm down for the help!
    No, I have no injuries that would effect my work outs.
  • lions32
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    Michigan here as well
  • girlbojangle
    girlbojangle Posts: 33 Member
    Yay! Good to see some folks from Michigan on here!
  • EleanorElla24
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    I'm a Michigander! I'm from Muskegon and the Muskegon area. :]