Fitbit Challenges

Hello :)
I would like to get new friends on FitBit to do challenges with. I walk on average 10k steps a day but I would like to do more.
My email is


  • DVall30
    DVall30 Posts: 28 Member
    I need competition too. Add me
  • joegibbs2112
    joegibbs2112 Posts: 41 Member
    Joe here! Just got a fitbit but am clueless on how to transport to myfittnesspal.
  • hollypopp10
    hollypopp10 Posts: 68 Member
    I'll add you!
  • fitnesscat78
    fitnesscat78 Posts: 49 Member
    Anyone can add me at
  • fitnessjustin01
    fitnessjustin01 Posts: 239 Member
    I'll send an invite. for anyone else wanting more people on fitbit. I don't get many steps though.
  • allieparkia
    allieparkia Posts: 304 Member
    Add me too!
  • EleanorElla24
    EleanorElla24 Posts: 37 Member
    I'm still not sure what fitbit challenges are. haha But I always accept fitbit friend requests for seeing each other's progress. :]

    ellalynnanderson1989 @ gmail
  • mickilynn25
    mickilynn25 Posts: 18 Member
    Feel free to add me