Mom of 3 finally doing for me

Hello! I'm a mom of three beautiful children who has packed on the pounds and I'm starting to take the time to take care if me.. Anyone else?


  • thegreatcanook
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    I've got 5 kids and started taking control of my health a couple years ago. Feel free to add me for support.
  • mindyrenee81
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    Hello! I am also a mom of 3! My oldest son just graduated high school last Friday. My middle son will be a senior when school starts up in August and my daughter will be in 7th grade. I'm taking time for myself since I put me on the back burner so to speak for all these years. It's time for mom to start getting healthy. Feel free to add me!
  • ludazatobom
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    I've got 3 boys one of which is my husband lol. Good luck mama....Happy mama = happy family.