Running pals

Hi all! I just started on my running journey after a year and a half of being a complete couch potato. It feels amazing pushing myself and I have really taken a liking to running. I might even say i love it. Hoping to find some friends on here to help keep me motivated. :D

Oh and some extra info. I'm soon to be 27. And so far ive been doing running/walking intervals on hilly terrain.

Have a nice day!


  • thegreatcanook
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    Good for you! Feel free to add me!
  • juliet3455
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  • southerman46
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    I run here and there and most everywhere :)
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    juliet3455 wrote: »

  • meghanttu08
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    You rock! I started on the treadmill and look at you! Doing hills!!! Kudos!
  • meghanttu08
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    Something happened and I don't see half my message! :|
    Running is addicting. Once you achieve goals you go for bigger goals. If you need a running buddy, feel free to add me.
  • allison4224
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    Hi! I just started running last week. However, I had been previously pretty active - walking 3-6 miles per day and doing the elliptical for the past 8 months. In a matter of days, I went from doing 1 minute walk/runs to straight runs. For the past 2 days, I've actually been able to run over 3 miles straight. So awesome. I love running! I'm going to do a 5k next weekend. Anyone feel free to add me :smiley:
  • hbyoung99
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    Hi! I'm new here but I'm a runner too. Really excited to build up endurance :) feel free to add me
  • SashEdwards
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    Me too! As in I'm new and a's amazing how taking time off (I was at over a year and a half myself before I started a few months ago), and by keeping at it how quickly it seems to come back. I though am 36 and have experienced a few age related setbacks (ugh, apparently over 35 and your body doesn't like you anymore lol), however it's come back pretty quickly and it seems to improve every day - just got to learn some patience and to do things a little differently. At any rate, congrats, and please feel free to add ;)
  • teapot74
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    Yay me too I'm doing 5k now and loving it