Lean and happy

Hello all, I'm Mike and I've been consistently using this app for about 45 days, I've been losing weight but not eating a huge pizza is soooooo hard. My goal is to become leaner and stay that way. Healthy healthy healthy


  • BadAssAries
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    Hi Mike! Welcome. Feel free to add me.
  • WBB55
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    you can eat pizza and still lose weight
  • sarahlifts
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    Add me I have pizza I get lean you can too stay with in ur calorie allotment
  • cbelc2
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    I made cauliflower pizza crust then used regular veggie lovers toppings including cheese. Yummy!
  • tlflag1620
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    Learning to take more sensible portions can be tough at first, especially of those foods that you previously overindulged on. No, you probably can't have a "huge" pizza anymore (at least not all in one sitting). But a couple slices, with a big portion of salad or other veggies? Sure. That's how I am able to keep eating some of my old favorites - I eat them less often, and try to pair them with lower calorie foods when I do eat them so the volume is more filling.
  • GoKelsey
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    I've found that having a "treat meal" once a week helps keep me happy! And most of the time that meal is pizza! Then I stick to my meal plan the rest of the week. But I wouldn't recommend the "treat meal" until you're confident in your food choices and that it won't derail future choices.
  • SezxyStef
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    I have treats when I want them and stay in goal.

    I prelog most of my week and then I see what sort of treat I can have or I exercise more to get more calories.