Workout pants/tights that don't fall down when running



  • DancingMoosie
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    I wear danskinnow from Walmart. Some even have a drawstring, which helps if they don't fit perfectly.
  • TracyeS4
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    3birdz wrote: »
    I personally use the pull over shorts (idk the name?) but capri wise I bought Walmart brand lol! They have ties and work wonderfully for me. If they budge, they get tied tighter!

    Danskin! I love the way they fit and they do not slip at all when I run. I have tried expensive UA and Nike pant, but they just won't stay put. At $9, the capri or shorts with ties can not be beat.
  • Bluepegasus
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    I always wear leggings with a drawstring at the waist, I usually tie the drawstring quite tight.
  • JanetMMcC
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    I bought some Walmart scrubs with elastic at the back and a drawstring at the front. The elastic's important because if you're breathing right, your abdomen is expanding.
  • astridfeline
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    This. I got a lot of inexpensive workout clothes from Ross. Also, I always make sure they have a draw string so they don't fall.
    ljk0615 wrote: »
    I like to check out marshalls or tj max for workout clothes. Sometimes you have to dig but you can usually find brand name
    Stuff for half the price. Also if you find an expensive pair in the store that fit well, try searching for them on a site like poshmark. Often you can find stuff new with or without tags or lightly worn. I've had all good experiences with poshmark. Actually waiting for an athleta sports bra right now that I ordered from someone on poshmark bc I don't want to pay full price from the store!

  • lisalewis7588
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    I'm a total cheap-o and I have 3 pairs of workout tights; one from Walmart, one from Target, and one from Old Navy. The Walmart ones are terrible for me, they slip down especially if there's any bending over. The ones from Old Navy are pretty decent. Running is fine, but if I do squats or something they do slip down. My favorite are the ones from Target--they've never budged in the slightest, fit the best, breathe the best, and they don't cost much (compared to most of the "name" brands).
  • ASKyle
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    Are your pants tight enough? I haven't experienced this, my pants stay PUT lol.
  • suruda
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    TJ Max, Marshalls, Burlington, Outlet stores...try and get some of the better name brands and find what works for you. Then invest in a couple of good pairs to rotate. I had a hard time finding brands that weren't too tight on my calves. I love my Athleta tights...they are spendy though so I get them on sale, they do last for years though.
  • JenHuedy
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    apullum wrote: »
    This is probably a silly question, but have you tried on a smaller size? I wear Under Armour compression tights when running and I've only had a problem with them sliding down when it's time for a smaller pair. When they're too big, they fall down all the time!

    This. I usually get higher waisted bottoms and they only fall when they're getting too big. Or I guess more precisely, when I'm getting too small :) . Try a smaller size.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    Could be a size issue too - I made the mistake of buying a size that seemed comfortable in the dressing room, but once I hit the pavement, they slipped down. A size smaller might have seemed too snug when I first tried them on, but they stayed up when I took them for a run. :smile:
  • mumfy23
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    I love the high wasted capris from Athleta. You can get them on sale.
  • revolucia78
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    pluto2626 wrote: »
    Old Navy has reasonable priced leggings and the sudsy up much better than most.

    +1, Never had an issue with the old navy brand running leggings. I use the crop and the full legging.
  • acbraswell
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    mumfy23 wrote: »
    I love the high wasted capris from Athleta. You can get them on sale.

    I was going to mention Athleta. Most of their pants/capris have a drawstring, and you can usually find them on sale. Even full price, they're a good $25-$30 cheaper than Lululemon. They have a terrific return policy too. I bought a pair of capris and the mesh panel started coming loose. This was after 8-10 runs and I took them back and they gave me a full refund, even without the receipt!
  • laceyn18
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    I swear by Lucy perfect core leggings. They're pricey but they have 30% off days fairly often and they last for a long time. I used to wear Gap and then lululemon but they would always slide down. I tried Nike and Under Armor but none have compared to Lucy.
  • Emijanine
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    Athleta Be Free Knickers. I wear them for every possible activity, including a boot camp I did a while back, and they didn't budge. I adore them. Worth every penny.