what bmi did you start with and what bmi did you end with?

Just interested. What was your starting bmi and what was the bmi you decided to maintain on?


  • sappermuff
    sappermuff Posts: 175 Member
    Even at my goal weight, still gonna be obese by BMI standards.
  • saragd012
    saragd012 Posts: 706 Member
    I started at 25 and now I fluctuate between 19.2 - 19.7
  • a_candler
    a_candler Posts: 207 Member
    Started at like 39! Now avg 22
  • Kanyon17
    Kanyon17 Posts: 156 Member
    Started around a BMI of 39. Currently a BMI of 31. Might end up around a BMI of 25 if everything goes well. BMI isn't the perfect mesurement for me as I tend to be on the muscular side. I prefer bodyfat %
  • robot_potato
    robot_potato Posts: 1,535 Member
    Started 36.2
    Current 25.8
    Goal 22.7
  • traceyc83
    traceyc83 Posts: 72 Member
    Start : 35.7
    Current : 27.7
    Final: will be in the healthy range in no time :)
  • Traveler120
    Traveler120 Posts: 712 Member
    From 25.7 to 19.8
  • dramaqueen45
    dramaqueen45 Posts: 1,010 Member
    30.9 to 20.9
  • neldabg
    neldabg Posts: 1,448 Member
    Start: 31
    End/current: 20
  • JessicaMcB
    JessicaMcB Posts: 1,503 Member
    Starting BMI: 31
    Current: 22.8
    Goal: 19-20
  • ALG775
    ALG775 Posts: 245 Member
    Starting at 33. Not 100% sure where I'll end up. Probably around 26.
  • beautifulwarrior18
    beautifulwarrior18 Posts: 913 Member
    edited June 2016
    BMI has never been accurate for me. I'm naturally very muscular; however, I'm a fatty fatty no friends, so it's correct in saying I'm fatty fatty no friends, it's just not quite accurate as to how much of a fatty fatty no friends I really am. :lol: For example, my sister in law weighs 90lbs less than I do and she's only 2 sizes smaller than I am. My mom is a size larger than I am and she weighs 30lbs less than I do.

    Started @ 47.9
    Currently @ 43.6

    I'll happily take those 4 points lol.
  • KareninLux
    KareninLux Posts: 1,413 Member
    From 32 to 25.1 ... probably end up somewhere around 24. Terrible overall measurement of health/fitness but I keep it in balance with all the other measurements!
  • NealNH
    NealNH Posts: 104 Member
    Started at 39.
    Currently 27 according to the calculator.
    Getting a DEXA scan next week to confirm where I am at.
    27 pounds more to go if the calculator is correct.
  • samgamgee
    samgamgee Posts: 398 Member
    Started at 28.3, now at 22.4. My first goal weight will put me at 21.3.
  • 12Sarah2015
    12Sarah2015 Posts: 1,126 Member
    Started 28.8, still losing now at 25.8, in three months
  • jarablue
    jarablue Posts: 127 Member
    Started at 43.3, currently at 29.8 and at goal weight of 185 it will be 24.4.