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As embarrassing as this photo is... it was a huge wake up call for me. I am 44 and have been dieting my ENTIRE life. I've done them all. South Beach, WW, Paleo, Atkins, Nutrisystem, The 3 Hour diet, Phentermine, Plexus, Slim Fast, went to a personal trainer for 2 months... I even ate raw for 6 months. The ONLY time I was lean and tone was 2004-2007... I had gotten down to a smaller version of chunky me and reshaped my body when I started doing martial arts 4x a week and stopped dieting. I was a size 4 (loose) 128 lbs. and 18% bf. I felt great. Then a family tragedy turned into me stopping the exercise. Fast forward to this last week and you see a miserable, overweight woman that is SICK SICK SICK of the calorie restrictive diets! I was on 800-1200 calories a day through one very popular diet and wasn't losing one pound after 3 months of weighing and measuring. I didn't even have the energy to take a brisk walk.

I knew there had to be something else. So, I came back here and remembered someone that had made a transformation by eating more and progressive lifting. I started researching, bought NROLFW, read up on Strong Lifts, read IIFYM info, and basically I am thinking if I really want to change... to be strong and lower my body fat... that this is the route to take. I really do not care about the number on the scale... I care about how I look and feel.

Don't get me wrong, I know it is hard... but so is being fat. I have an internal coach telling me not to quit - that I want this and that anything worth having is going to take work and will NOT be overnight. I am looking for any progress and taking it as a reward... no matter how slight.

That being said - here is my plan that I started Monday (would love input):

Stronglifts MWF, Swimming 30 minutes TTh (in heated pool - I used to be a swimmer in school)

Cals: 1560 40/30/30 - I also am trying IIFYM... but trying to keep those macros as whole and healthy as possible. Last night, however I had too many calories left... and on a whim typed in big mac... well... it fit my macros. So...

Q. I do wonder if I eat back my exercise cals on cardio day.
Q. What if I don't have a spotter?
Q. Will this work or has all my research been crazy?

Thank you all for being an awesome community that might just help me be the best me I can be!


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    Q. I do wonder if I eat back my exercise cals on cardio day.
    No, just choose a fitting activity level for your TDEE.

    Q. What if I don't have a spotter?
    Ask a fellow gym rat. Make sure to slap them on the butt and thank them with a nod and fist bump.

    Q. Will this work or has all my research been crazy?
    yeah it will work if you stick to it and adjust as you go along. Be sure to maintain a healthy relationship with food though. I've struggled with food ruling my life even though I've stayed lean and in-shape throughout. I was just always thinking about food and thinking about when and what I can eat! it made me stop enjoying eating all together. Make sure you are in-tune with your hunger, body and mind. A book called "mindful eating" really helped me get over it all.
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    This is my approach as well. You have a reasonable plan.
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    Thanks for the tips! Doing SL day 3 today... every day my 'old' self tries to talk my 'new' self out of going to the gym. I am done listening to her! Day 5/28 before I notice changes in the mirror... day 5/56 before my friends and family notice... day 5/84 before everyone notices! Then, unstoppable!