The crossroads

briwash13 Posts: 7 Member
I always get down 30 pounds and hit a road block. It's always so difficult to break this mark. Any suggestions on how to push through?


  • huntersmom2016
    huntersmom2016 Posts: 185 Member
    Just keep pushing. Try resetting your goals on mfp and changing up your exercise routine. My theory is after a while, your body needs to adjust to the loss. But never give up!!!
  • sc487
    sc487 Posts: 102 Member
    I stopped at about 25 lbs, stepped up my walking (no pun intended) added in 50 sit ups a day and switched to a low carb diet. I think eliminating most carbs did it, even though my calories haven't really changed
  • julie2038
    julie2038 Posts: 142 Member
    Let this time be different. I always stopped because I felt better, and I was able to eat a little "snack" and it won't hurt anything. Next thing I new I gained the weight back :/ Not this time! When I approached that 30 pound window I refused to go back. You have to make a mental shift in your thinking and know your not finished, you have more goals to achieve, people may be giving you compliments, but your not done yet!! Don't stop! It's all on you. Trust the process and you will get past that 30 pound barrier. Good Luck! :)
  • briwash13
    briwash13 Posts: 7 Member
    Thank you so much guys!