Food and nutrition for Endurance but Gel Problem

Good day and Hello all going to be doing a 100 mile Mt Bike race again in 2 weeks. Requires lots of on the bike (on the go nutrition)
I really need some advice, on what to eat so i dont repeat from last year. Where about 3 hours in i had to do a few emergency number 2s into the bush, not good thing
problem at time was too much protein

i was consuming, Clif Gels, and hAmmer nutrition Perpeteum, which the perpeteum i believe was what made the problem. since then no longer use

however on a training ride today, about 3 hours in. I think i had a similar situation
was consuming Gels on ride.

for breakfast today, Yogurt, Muffin, Cheerios, Coffee, strawberries.

Would the strawberries cause this? eg fibre? would yogurt be a problem too being a dairy product.

Suggestions on this please.


  • sijomial
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    I found that if I rely on gels for the majority of my fuel my stomach gets queasy and upset.
    I feel much better on rides 3+ hours when I'm drinking a sports energy drink and eating carby snacks instead.

    Ignoring the preloading before the ride I'm typically eating malt loaf and a peanut & chocolate so-called protein bar (which isn't really high protein). I set an hourly time reminder on my Garmin and eat one bar, alternating between the two.

    Soreen - Original Lunchbox Loaf: 95 cals / 19g carbs / 3g protein
    Nature Valley - Protein bar (peanut & chocolate): 140 cals / 10g carbs / 9g protein

    I use gels as emergency backup but more likely to just add to my water bottles.

  • pomegranatecloud
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    For running, I have a similar problem with gels so I don't use them and also with sports drinks. If I'm going to try something new I usually do so during a shorter training where I don't actually need it so that it doesn't derail my training if it makes me sick and then obviously test it again on a longer training run. Have you tried Honey Stinger waffles or chews? I also eat actual food - dates, fruit, and homemade granola or date bars. There's a lot of information on how to fuel for running and cycling without gels and similar products online if you search for it.
  • Steff46
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    I can't handle gels either. For my mtn biking and road biking, I've been using Infinit nutrition for two years now and it works great for me. For up to 30 miles, I use one bottle of Infinit and one bottle of sports drink or even water. For 30+ mile rides, I take two bottles of Infinit and carry Honey Stinger waffels. I also refuel at stores with the sports drinks. I also try and keep my sports drink close to the same flavor as my Infinit. I currently use citrus Infinit so I pick a lemon-lime or orange sports drink.
  • MeanderingMammal
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    For running I'll use Honey Stinger chews or Sport beans as well as gels if I'm doing in excess of 20 miles. But in that situation I don't deal well with real food yet. It's getting a bit better and I can increasingly cope with flapjacks.

    On the bike for longer sessions I manage better with more solid food and rarely use gels, except for a quick hit. Flapjacks, malt loaf and the like are easier to digest when I'm on two wheels.

    You might also consider liquid fuel, but you might have a similar issue.
  • singletrackmtbr
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    I love Simply Granola cereal on my rides. It has plenty of carbs, tastes great, and curbs hunger, all without issues on the other end.

    I also carry Sour Patch Kids for when I'm truly bonking. Don't laugh until you try it.
  • cwolfman13
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    My primary is dried fruit.

    How often do you do these longer training rides? For me personally, long rides in general tend to get things moving regardless.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Did any of the gels your were using contain caffeine? That can help loosen your bowels.....

    For long rides my standby is a variant of gorp (I substitute almonds for the peanuts - simply a matter of preference - if it's really hot you may want to include some salted nuts) and I've been known to pack a PB&J sandwich or two in the back pockets of my jersey (perhaps not too practical for MTB).

    For longer runs I make my own "gel".....3 parts honey, 1 part molasses, pinch of salt & splash of water to thin it just a little. A standard gel flask is about the same as 4 or 5 gel pouches.
    cwolfman13 wrote: »
    My primary is dried fruit.

    I won't tell the story of my dried apricot "cleanse"..........

  • NorthCascades
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    Peanut M&Ms. I just don't like gels.
  • Hornsby
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    I drink electrolytes and eat tootsie pops and bananas... Large meal the night before. Coffee and morning dump pre-ride.
  • worldtraveller321
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    for the Peanut M&Ms, do you find the added fat makes you heavy when consuming those in a high intense race etc?
  • baciodolce18
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    Not a biker but I used to help people with nutrition a little working in a running/tri store. My boss did iron man competitions and said it wasn't uncommon for the bikers to eat sandwiches. I think it's easier to eat real food on a bike. I'm also a fan of bonk breaker bars. Some good flavors. I would use those before running. I'm also a fan of honey stinger chews. I couldn't tolerate a lot of gels texture wise. Some good ideas in the thread.
  • meritage4
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    sport jelly beans yum! They work for me and taste good!