Advice on adding weightlifting back in to exercise routine

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Hi all

I've dropped nearly 50lbs this year so far but been in a stall for the past 6 weeks or so. I've tried changing up my diet without much success so am thinking of adding in some weightlifting to hopefully ramp up my metabolism/at least get my body shape changing even if the scales aren't.

Looking for advice on any obvious exercises I'm missing and/or how often per week I should be doing this. I have access to a basic weights bench and some Free weights, not to a gym.

Cardio at at least 100kms per week (last week was 135kms)- some is running, some is walking unladen and a lot is walking carrying 70lbs of weight.

Was thinking of doing weights 3/4 X per week on top.

Today I did:
- 3x10 chest press at 25kgs
- 3x10 barbell rows at 15kgs
- 3x10 squats with 8kg bar
- 3x10 triceps dips with 10lbs
- 3x10 leg raises with 10kgs
- 3x5 dumbbell curls with 15kgs
- 3x 45 second plank
- 3x10 back pulls at 25kgs (sorry forgot the term- you pull up to the weights bench when lying on your front)

Any and all advice gratefully received as it's been ages since I did weights and I'm sure I've forgotten loads.


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    As a lifting beginner, you don't have the knowledge to be writing your own program. Find a program & follow it.

    There are tons of threads on MFP recommending lifting programs for beginners. I'm using Strong Curves, which is written to grow a shapely butt. Do some research & pick a program that will meet your goals.
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    Most of the compound exercises (bench press, squats, etc..) are pretty good at burning some calories and building a good foundation of strength. They are good becausr they utilize so many muscle groups at the same time. You also want to find a weight that allows you to go about 12-15 or so reps per set, especially if your main goal is weight loss. Search for some good routines to get you started, i have found some of the body building chanels on youtube to help me set up what i want to do to accomplish my goals.