I need friend and motivation!

I have no friends anymore. Hate when everyone u talk to turns out fake. I need lost of motivation cause all I want to do is eat everything. I'm definitely an emotional eater. I have 60 pounds to loose.


  • leopardeyes72
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    Well I am not fake and I stared this a month ago I lost 6lbs already and I go to curves every week you can't give up !
  • AlexaG814
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    Im in the same boat. And i just moved so i definitely have no friends. Im a stress eater im trying to lose 70 pounds. I just started 5 days ago and im already down 3 pounds.
  • sstrack123
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    Feel free to add me. I log everyday and like friends with open diaries and that like communicating and pushing each other!!
  • Fluffy2Fit2Shredded
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    look into low calorie foods, you can still "indulge" and eat constantly as long as you monitor your macros which MFP is for. Find your daily calorie maintenance, go on the low end of it, take 65-80% of it depending on your goal and make that your daily calorie goal. then plan your meals which isn't hard to do day before or even week before, or even early in the morning on the toilet. then adjust as needed depending on if you eat out, etc. Cook your meals, when you shop for groceries, soon as you get home, cut, sort, weigh, and ziplock all your portions and toss them in the fridge/freezer. you'll find yourself eating ALOT of veggies if you like to just consume volume, but learn to make different light calorie sauces and dips and experiment on seasonings depending on taste. more you have, the more it seems like different meals while you're just cooking the same thing. Amazing how you can make spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, bokchoy, or tons of other low calorie foods taste. Eliminate sugar as much as possible. if you have a sweet tooth, get a small portion, take a bite to get the taste in your mouth, drink lots of water in-between, and you'll satisfy your hunger for it. glass of water before your first bite of each meal and a gulp in-between bites, you'll feel so full. i have food coma ALL THE TIME, but weird when you see you only ate 200-300 calories only. tons of low calorie snacks to munch on throughout the day. keep your protein high, carbs low except for those really active high intensity days, keep healthy fats on point. and FOOOOCUS! and hit the gym daily, find a way. watch your TV show on your phone at the gym, light work on your phone at the gym, just go! You can drop 60lb in 5-6months and really tone up. I did it, but my goal was fat loss and muscle building. and i'm still going. Good luck!
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    Feel free to add me, we all need alittle more motivation:) x
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    Hi, I'd love to add you as a friend. Doing it now.