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How long?

imjia Posts: 15 Member
Hi I've been working out for about two months and watching my nutrition, I've lost some 3kgs (but I don't want to lose weight because I'm at a healthy weight, want to lose fat). Most of my fat is on my hips, and now I can see a difference everywhere on my body except my love handles.. so is there anyone here who is/was at a similar situation? How long does it take to lose this?


  • abadvat
    abadvat Posts: 1,241 Member
    as long as needed - cannot predict timings and cannot spot reduce fat - be consistent, thats the most important thing!
  • snickerscharlie
    snickerscharlie Posts: 8,578 Member
    It always seems to be the areas we dislike the most that seem to be the last to reduce. ;)

    Keep at it and it will happen.
  • ShrinkinMel
    ShrinkinMel Posts: 982 Member
    Keep going. You can always bulk up muscle afterwards if you don't like your weight low. The way and order fat comes off with loss is random and unfortunately if you aren't lifting a lot might come off lean muscle too. :( I'd add in some lifting if you don't do that already. Just try to keep as much of the lean weight as possible.
  • imjia
    imjia Posts: 15 Member
    Thanks for your input everyone. I guess I am being a bit impatient but more than that I'm actually worried. I do lift, I do strength training 4-5days a week and HIIT 2-3 days. The main problem is, if I lose 0.5kgs more, I'll officially be underweight, and fat wise, well I'm still struggling to lose those love handles.
    I'm just confused if I should continue on cutting calories or not..
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