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Starting Over

Hello, My name is Diana. I've used MyFitnessPal before and stopped. But this time I'm motivated by my 2 year old son to keep pushing. I'd like to lose the weight I gained from pregnancy. (50 lbs) I just dont feel like myself at my current weight. And my son's father is no help or support. He waves pizza and pastas in my face and we tend to argue when I refuse to eat the things he wants. So, I decided to be my own cheerleader. Diabetes runs in my family so I wanna do this for me and also so my son can have his mom around a little longer. :) How do you stay motivated?


  • K2ofCU
    K2ofCU Posts: 22 Member
    You have valid reasons for eliminating the excess weight.
    Good for you!

    Your son's father is dishonorable (who treats the mother of your own child that way?!?) and disrespectful.
    What you eat is none of his business, nor should he argue about such things with the adult woman who produced his child.
    Only fearful & threatened people use force or intimidation to get someone to behave in a certain way.

    Train yourself how to act.
    Act according to the ideals,commitments and covenant that you make with yourself, not how they want you to act.
    Train them how to treat you.
    Train yourself how to eat and how to exercise.

    Best of luck!
  • dianaH1986
    dianaH1986 Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you. :smile: I have been putting my foot down a lot more often. He honestly sees no error in his behavior as his mother was terrible and put him through a rough child hood and his father was out of the picture all together. But I agree his behavior is highly disrespectful and I have been trying to help him see his own flaws. Such a slow process but showing someone how to be a better person can also be as hard as changing eating habits. I'm fighting two battles and all I keep saying is. This will be a success. I mean, it has to right? For the sake of raising our child to become a decent person, and a healthy one as well.
  • paintpastelprincess86
    paintpastelprincess86 Posts: 22 Member
    Hi Diana,

    I started my weight loss journey in June 2014 and lost 67lbs. In time for my wedding in May of 2015.

    At first my husband was not "supportive" of my lifestyle change and argued about dinners, etc. because I had always talked about losing weight, but never really did anything about it.

    After about a month of arguing what to eat, (he is naturally tall and thin..eating crap 7 days a week) I started making my own meals, and let him fend for himself. When he saw that I was serious about my lifestyle change, although he still would not eat the things I would...he would make sure if we went out to a restaurant for a meal, it would have "Brenna approved" options, aka, healthier options.

    Fast forward to present day, and I have just had a baby in April. I gained back a majority of my weight, and need to lose 50lbs. To get back to where I was a year ago. I have started my journey once again. Slowly eating better, doing more physical activity. And when I stop breast feeding I plan to start eating at a deficit.

    If you need support, I am with you! Just send a friend request or message if you need any motivation! I will be needing it too!
  • ShrinkinMel
    ShrinkinMel Posts: 982 Member
    edited June 2016
    I got a gym membership. The fact that I'm paying for it motivates me to use it. That motivated me to keep my MFP tracking going. It's spiraled into 10.4 lbs lost in 7 weeks. :) I do enjoy gym time when I have had a membership. I don't get a lot of income but my health is a priority to me now so it will have to be fit into my budget. Just has to be. I also have family history of diabetes and massive heart problems which is really pushing me to work at the nutrition more and more. Being fit will help my heart but so will eating proper foods.

    I'd have a heart to heart with him. Tell him you care about your health but don't want to force him into your eating so agree to eat different things if that is what it takes. I have a friend who has had a sort of plan that includes several different eating plans in their household. She was vegetarian her husband more paleo for gluten free reasons the kids ate everything pretty much. I couldn't imagine her grocery bill though she made it work for her family's happiness. She's pretty frugal. If he's not willing to see you are trying then hopefully while he's eating pizza you can learn to enjoy other stuff. But I will say this we have pizza once a week usually and I'm still losing weight. :) It can fit in the occasional "off" eating.
  • KetoTeacher
    KetoTeacher Posts: 163 Member
    Good luck and welcome
  • ftwmc
    ftwmc Posts: 47 Member
    Hi Diana
    Good luck with your husband, in our house my wife and I eat two torally different diets she is basically vegan and I'm meat and seafood.
    It doesn't coat us any extra as I only cook a meal for one or freeze leftovers in meal sizes. Add me as a friend if you'd like some support good luck Kevin
  • dianaH1986
    dianaH1986 Posts: 19 Member
    Thank you for sharing your stories with me. :smiley: My son's father is a little more supportive these days. While he orders pizza for himself and my son, he offers to get me a salad. Also, I still cook the foods he loves like stuffed shells and such. But I have found recipes to make the same foods in low calorie versions that I cook separately for myself. That way we can eat foods together that are similar in flavor but not in Calorie intake. I have a desk job but when I have nothing to do I take a walk around the building to increase my physical activity. It helps a lot. I've lost 5 lbs in two weeks as of Yesterday. 45 more to go! :blush: