Friends and motivation

Hey there community!

I've been on mfp for a while now and I lost a good amount of weight (13kg / ~26lb). I'm happy about my progress, but I've got more weight to lose. The problem is: I have no motivation. I'm still struggling with my binge eating habits, especially on the weekends when I'm home alone and bored. I cannot lose weight anymore, because these binge days sabotage my general diet.
And I'm 90% certain that these attacks happen out of boredom or emotional stress, not because I lack nutrition. According to my doctor I have no health issues (well, besides being fat that is).

So, what I'm looking for are supportive friends. A lot of supportive friends, whose posts I can read on my starting page that will help me to focus on my goal and distract me from my boredom.

Have a nice day! :)


  • RosemaryBronte
    RosemaryBronte Posts: 103 Member
    I think an important goal for you could be finding friends in the real world. That could fight off the boredom and loneliness that is driving you to binge eat. Also I find it's important to eat a satisfying amount of food. If you're always hungry you'll want to binge. I've forgotten how to add friends but you can include me as a friend if you want to..
  • ftwmc
    ftwmc Posts: 47 Member
    Happy to help add me or message
  • Steve50MA
    Steve50MA Posts: 1 Member
    Hey all, back on mfp after almost two years away. Looking for some support as I press forward with new goals. Happy to provide same.
  • sbrown227
    sbrown227 Posts: 16 Member
    Hello everyone. Steve, I'm in the same boat. I returned to mfp 3 weeks ago, after a year long hiatus. Unfortunately, within that year, I gained about 30 pounds due to family issues. Now that I am back, I plan to stick with my weight loss goals.
  • Ildrasyka
    Ildrasyka Posts: 11 Member
    I'm happy for my internet friends, but I'll take your advice and seek new ones.

    As for the others: I'll send out friend requests. Always happy to share motivation. :)