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Non-food rewards

s0987 Posts: 22 Member
How do you reward yourself without spending calories or cash? It seems like when I don't reward myself with food anymore rewards come with a dent in my bank account. How do you be healthy and financially responsible?


  • RosemaryBronte
    RosemaryBronte Posts: 103 Member
    I have bought a range of tea bags with exotic names like Gypsy Rose and Peach Ginger etc. I give a name to each kilo I'm losing and when it's gone then that's my Gypsie Rose kilo and I can use those tea bags for celebratory drinks while I'm working on the next kilo - which can take quite a while. I got my tea bags from the Oxfam shop but there are lots of different teabags even in supermarkets.
  • ftwmc
    ftwmc Posts: 47 Member
    Try a long bath, take the afternoon off and feed the birds in the park, do nothing, cook a "good" meal or snack. Just do some you time, mines music, sit on my own in the sun and listen to whatever I want
  • hypodonthaveme
    hypodonthaveme Posts: 215 Member
    Visit a friend, read a book, play a game ( board game night with friends), soak your feet, learn a new recipe that fits into your health goals. I like to buy a specialty yarn or thread for crocheting that is under $10 every time I lose a set amount of weight. Spending money yes, but still keeping it budget friendly.
  • randomtai
    randomtai Posts: 9,003 Member
    New goals.
  • Alatariel75
    Alatariel75 Posts: 17,959 Member
    It sounds trite, but for me - losing weight is its own reward. I don't need to treat myself for doing what has to be done for my health and happiness.
  • FitnessGirl11mfp
    FitnessGirl11mfp Posts: 232 Member
    I bought a Chevy Avalanche after losing 50 lbs lol. Well it wasn't only as a reward, I needed a new vehicle especially with a nearly 5 month old and my 2 door car was hell lol. Still, it feels great working so hard on weightloss and finally buying my Avalanche. Other than that, I try to engage in self care that's non-materialistic whenever possible.