How to cardio and gain muscle?

Lost 6 stone from calorie control diet and exercise but I never knew how to do it properly. I just ran on the treadmill till I burned 500 calories. I'd like to get leaner and fitter now and know certain milestones I can achieve and how I will do this. I go to the gym 4 times a week already but I would like a plan. Sorry if it's confusing but this is why I'm having trouble googling it haha :'(


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    Well if you were eating a deficit and burning calories through exercising (cardio) and lost weight, you did it RIGHT..

    If you are done loosing weight you do not have to do any more cardio, just start lifting weights.
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    Try working all your body, maybe weights is a good way to tone up you don't need to go heavy. Get some dumbbells, rest them on your shoulder then squat. As you come up push your arms up with the weights. It's great for burning calories. Bigger muscles workouts burn more calories & fat. Maybe eat more protein so you don't lose some the benefits of weights
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    See PHYSIOLOGY.pdf. Pay attention to chapter 9 and 10.
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    Lift heavy and look into a 5x5 program. Don't be afraid of weights.
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    Exercise is for fitness and health. Weight loss is about calorie deficit. Exercise helps with creating a calorie deficit. Cardio doesn't build muscle, it builds endurance. Muscle building is about progressive resistance when training all major body parts. So find a decent program (like Stronglifts), then add whatever cardio you want.

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    I strength train 4 days a week and move very quickly during the workouts. The majority of my time in the gym is doing supersets. For cardio, I walk my dog, try to jog a bit and run sprints all out.
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    Cardio is great for losing weight and improving fitness and stamina. If you want to gain muscle, you should do resistance / weight training. You can still do the cardio to reap the benefits from it but you should look at a weight lifting program if you're looking at building muscle.
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    mizukikuro wrote: »
    I go to the gym 4 times a week already but I would like a plan.

    Two days cardio and two days full body strength / resistance training would be my suggestion to fit in with your schedule.
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    I'm following this program:

    I don't follow exactly because my life doesn't give me 7 days a week to do workouts. I also don't do every exercise as my gym doesn't have the same equipment, but I follow the program at about 85%. On the "active rest days" I up my cardio from my standard hour to 2 to 2.5.

    It is a commitment... I spend somewhere between 2 and 3 hours at the gym when I go... but I am loving my results and looking forward to more.