Celebrating my 44th birthday and sharing success to date...

mjwarbeck Posts: 699 Member
For the first time since starting this process, I decided to post on Facebook the following message and pictures. While I am not done yet, I am happy to be in the best shape of my life. Thanks to everyone...

"Given today is my 44th birthday, I figured I'm allowed to share some pictures of me...instead of the kids, Michelle, various creatures found in my backyard that are normally the focus of my posts.

As many know this past I have spent the last 9 months focusing on my health and well being. These before and after pictures (either 9 months or a year apart) show the physical change :-)

Of course this means I had to throw out every piece of clothing as nothing fits: from 40-42 to 32 in pants, XL or XXL to M or L (slim) in shirts. Overall, I have lost 50 or so pounds to weigh in an even 200. Haven't seen that number since highschool...

Thanks to everyone, especially Michelle and the boys, who have so very supportive!"