That time of the month :(

Hey everyone, I be worked really hard this and my weight has remained the same :( I'm putting it down to the fact it's been "that week" anyone else struggle this time of the month ?


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    I will be, mine starts soon... i think we all struggle this time of the month. Fk you water weight and cramps, fk you.
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    Yes I have been doing cico since January. I have noticed that during my time I will stall or gain a pound or two. Then the week later I will have a woosh of 3-5 pounds. I actually started mine today and gave in to the cravings and munchies that come with it. Now I have horrible cramps and feel really bloated. I dread weigh in tomorrow, but know I need to. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be fine. Also if you do give in to cravings on meal or one day isn't going to ruin everything.
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    I normally gain 2/3lb but it drops back off afterwards.
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    Yeah! This month, I started off at 136.6 pounds and got up to 137.8 in a day, then back down to 137.0 and back up to 137.2. It's not a lot, but it was annoying because I knew I wasn't doing anything but wrong. Thankfully, I lost all that weight + more just a day after. Don't worry about it!
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    I'm having my first TOM since I started this 3 weeks ago. I have gone up .5-2lbs, varying and I just keep telling myself it's bc it's that time ugh. Hey do you ladies still log your weight on your weighing day if it's gone up (say due to period) or do you only log your weight if it's gone down? I assume you log it no matter what?
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    MissRegs wrote: »
    Hey everyone, I be worked really hard this and my weight has remained the same :( I'm putting it down to the fact it's been "that week" anyone else struggle this time of the month ?

    Women burn more calories during their menstrual cycle, don't they? So it seems normal to want to eat more then. Extra pounds are probably from bloating and water retention.
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    I gain weight. I can't control my appetite or my sweet tooth. The best I can do is pop a few pain killers, keep my food environment relatively danger free (I still manage to do damage with random things I find in the cupboard but not as much as a whole bag of cookies), continue with my weight training, and wait for the calm after the storm. I'm currently doing that now.
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    When I'm on my period I walk a lot and it both helps with cramps and water weight since you sweat. I always give up my "hard" exercises such as yoga or pilates and switch them up with regular walking throu out the day. Also give up using the scale until 2-3 days after your period, no need to ruin your mood.
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    Thanks everyone, i did feel a little bloated, hopefully will see the results next week.
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    I never seem to gain weight during my period, but I only way myself once a week so maybe it goes up and down in that time when I don't weigh myself.
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    I generally don't lose weight a few days before, during and maybe a few days after. Drink lots of water to help with water retention. My weight is generally pretty stable. I'm not losing, but I'm also not gaining. :) I also find if I regularly get plenty of calcium my cramps aren't as bad. I only had to take ibuprofen two times the first day and I was good after that. Exercise also seems to help with cramps for me. I don't walk as much the first day since I feel like crap, but I try to walk as much as I can.
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    I avoid the scale a couple days before until 3-4 days after. No matter what I always seemed to gain a good 5lbs during that timeframe.