The hard work pays off.



  • JustChristy79
    JustChristy79 Posts: 156 Member
    Woah!!! That's awesome!!!! Care to share how you did it?
  • rebeccaEsmith
    rebeccaEsmith Posts: 1,136 Member
    Keep up the good work
  • bpp23
    bpp23 Posts: 170 Member
    Way to go!!
  • pdxhak
    pdxhak Posts: 383 Member
    Great job! Keep it going!
  • tcatcarson
    tcatcarson Posts: 227 Member
    Your whole attitude looks different, more committed and determined. Nice one!
  • bshedwick
    bshedwick Posts: 659 Member
    Keep it up! You are doing great!
  • ntw25
    ntw25 Posts: 149 Member
    Great progress mate. Sounds like you are doing it the same way as I am trying. Adding in some exercise so as I can eat a few more calories. There is no way that I could do 1200 or even 1500, but with some additional walking, the occasional trip to the gym and around 1800/2000 a day, I appear to be on the right track. It will not happen overnight, but I have to be happy with small losses in weight and gains in health.

    Good luck to you. Keep it up
  • carmexaldewin87
    carmexaldewin87 Posts: 37 Member
    Great job! Your mindset is key! :) It's a long and difficult journey, but not anymore so than life. Best of luck to you!
  • Hornsby
    Hornsby Posts: 10,324 Member
    You got this! Keep it up!
  • hollen_carol
    hollen_carol Posts: 121 Member
    You look terrific already and I am betting you feel great too. More energy to keep going and reach your goals! Congrats to you :)
  • CalPolyBronco
    CalPolyBronco Posts: 201 Member
    You have had amazing success thus can and will go far in life!! Keep up the great work!! You look great!!
  • 12Sarah2015
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    Post again when your another 100 pounds lighter!
  • mkm81
    mkm81 Posts: 34 Member
    Awesome job! Keep up the good work! :)
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    You look great!!! Keep it up!!! It's working and what is so important is that you found what works for you!!! You will make your goal-congrats on your success!!! :)