Dietary Supplements -- What do I need?

Hi everyone,

I'm a 24 year old female whose lost a little over 15 pounds in the past month a half after changing my diet to carb cycling and have been incorporating cardio and strength training into my workout routine.

I have PCOS and would love to know what supplements, i.e., vitamins, I can take to further develop a healthier lifestyle.


  • ASKyle
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    I would ask your doctor as you have a medical condition.
  • MelaniaTrump
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    Do you take a women's daily multivitamin? That should be enough until you ask your doctor to run blood tests.
    Note: If it is not medically necessary insurance will not pay for blood tests. Careful with asking the doctor to run certain tests. They can be costly.
  • AliceA2013
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    Evidence is increasing that the best source of all the micro nutrients you need are best absorbed from food and a moderate dose of sunshine. Unless, of course, you have a specific deficit, in which case your doctor is your first port of call.