Fitbit calories vs mfp calories

I'm having an issue with myfitnesspal maintenance calories vs my end of day Fitbit calories.

I am trying to eat at maintenance and lift weights because I want to gain muscle and also lose fat. I eat my exercise calories but at the end of the day there can sometimes be a huge discrepancy between my Fitbit and mfp. I don't know which one I should be going with or which one is correct. Mfp is always more than Fitbit.

Here is an example of calorie expenditure
June 7 mfp:2362 Fitbit:1917
June 6 mfp:2503 Fitbit:2334
June 5 mfp:4132 Fitbit:2950
June 4 mfp:2318 Fitbit:2164
June 3 mfp:2368 Fitbit:2198

I don't want to eat over my maintenance but I am not sure what that even is. Is this just a glitch or should I go with the calories on Fitbit only since it's the lower amount? I don't want to gain weight.


  • treegirl97
    treegirl97 Posts: 70 Member
    Do you log all food in MFP and let any step based activity be accounted for with your Fitbit? Lifting weights doesn't burn a ton of calories so I don't generally log that at all. I have MFP set to sedentary but get about 12K steps per day which translates to 500-600 extra calories. At the end of each day, my Fitbit and MFP calories are consistently off by 3 calories.