One goal down!

scrapper33 Posts: 3 Member
I'm 49, within a few weeks I'll be turning 50 and I had some health issues that were resolved last summer. One was that I suffered from severe sleep apnea. I was always tired and felt like sleeping all of the time. I was given a cpap machine and after the very first night I used it I woke up feeling rested for the first time in years! I had energy, it was a total game changer for me. I didn't really try to make any changes in my eating habits but I lost some weight by the end of the year. I thought a lot about my health and wanted to become healthier. So January 1st I started really keeping track of everything I was eating. I exercised when I could and as soon as the weather was a little warmer I got out and walked every chance I had. I start most mornings walking now that the weather is nice. This morning I did what I do every morning, I know they say not to weigh yourself every day but I need to, it works for me, I don't let the ups throughout each week bother me I know that at some point in the week I'm going to step on the scale and my weight will be down even a tenth of a pound makes me happy. And it's not all about the number on the scale for me, I'm losing inches and most importantly I feel SO much better. But this morning when I stepped on the scale, for the first time in at least 24 years, I was under 200 lbs! It was so nice seeing a 1 as the first number instead of a 2! I still have a way to go to reach my goal but I have no doubt I will get there! I don't have an unrealistic goal and the best part about all of this is I know I can do it and I'm not going to gain the weight back. I'm not dieting, I've made a lifestyle change. I know portion control now. I crave healthy foods and not foods that are bad for me like I used to. I don't deprive myself of things I still love like pizza, I just eat less of it and I'm fine with that!


  • caramel827
    caramel827 Posts: 163 Member
    Great job! You should be so proud of yourself!
  • jencook1969
    jencook1969 Posts: 25 Member
    Awesome! 47...and SW.265 CW 247...Looking forward to being under 200! And GW 165..170ish
  • janettekathleen
    janettekathleen Posts: 24 Member
    Yahoo!!!! "One-derland"! Congratulations.
  • MsLibrarianLCL
    MsLibrarianLCL Posts: 16 Member
    That is so awesome! Great job on taking care of you :smile: I was so shocked when I got below 200 last week that I took a picture of the # on the scales!
  • smkondy
    smkondy Posts: 583 Member
    That's a huge accomplishment!!! Congrats & keep up the good work!!!
  • Kincar
    Kincar Posts: 601 Member
    Congratulations! All of your effort is paying off!
  • scrapper33
    scrapper33 Posts: 3 Member
    Thanks everyone! :)
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