Sturgle is real

I'm not new but just beginning again. Starting at 258. Goal is 180


  • SassyGirl226
    SassyGirl226 Posts: 26 Member
    Sounds close to me! Giving it another shot. Myself 240, trying for 180. Feel free to friend me if you'd like. I like active friends.....helps me to stay motivated :)
  • kiariv
    kiariv Posts: 25 Member
    Me too, im 261 and my goal is 180. Im also a holistic nutrition educator active every day.
  • rawley69
    rawley69 Posts: 49 Member
    "sturgle" eh?
    Urban dictionary defines sturgle as: (verb) to act somewhat foolishly; to be farting around, either with self or others.
  • MrsM25
    MrsM25 Posts: 1 Member
    Me too I've been up and down since I started in Feb. I lost my auntie and my father in law in a space of 6 weeks. My auntie was diabetic and had lots of other health issues from poor diet and lifestyle. I miss her very much and it would be an insult to her for me to carry on living unhealthily.
    First week has gone great. I've enjoyed cooking from scratch again. I thought it would be impossible but I'm learning to change my mindset. You've got to give yourself room for stuff not to work out as you hoped and get to know what works for you. It's changing lifetime habits and it isn't easy. But I've reflected on this week on how I can do stuff differently next week to work in my favour.
    Good luck everyone! Dream big and keep at it! Be kind to yourself xx