Insanity workout

Hey guys!
I'm starting Insanity on Monday, anybody who want to join me and we could keep each other motivated?

Let's do this!


  • ValkyrieLula
    ValkyrieLula Posts: 28 Member
    Pick me! Pick me! :D

    I'm in the early stages (week 2 of the program, though it's a bit broken up since I play volleyball once a week and have been out of town for two weeks). I believe next Sunday I do my second fit test.
  • SliverBulletsUK
    SliverBulletsUK Posts: 267 Member
    Completed it last year. Hard as hell but it's so good. Good luck to you both. :)
  • Danny0950
    Danny0950 Posts: 26 Member
    I'm currently on week 2 day 5, feel free to add me.
  • supersimonesquirrel
    supersimonesquirrel Posts: 74 Member
    I have this, but I have just started Focus T25 instead to build up my fitness. Looks like a pretty hardcore workout :-)
  • kenyainez
    kenyainez Posts: 222 Member
    I'm currently doing that now! I love the rush! #joining!
  • juanitacolsen
    juanitacolsen Posts: 5 Member
    Joining! Need to amp up my work outs
  • nitesky83
    nitesky83 Posts: 49 Member
    I'm on my round 2
  • 1085elise
    1085elise Posts: 9 Member
    Add me if you want, I'm currently on month 2. Really enjoying the program