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JULY -AUGUST weight loss challenge!!!

megsta21 Posts: 506 Member
edited July 2016 in Challenges

Starting weight - 86.1
Goal weight - 82

Weigh ins (mine are mondays)

4th July -
11th July -
18th July-
25th July-
1st August-


5 weeks til Bali and I want to feel comfortable wearinga bikini again and lose the 10kg i gained when i moved to the country! :D


Mon - strength
Tues - cardio
Weds - strength
Thurs - cardio
Fri - strength
Sat - yoga and stretching
Sunday - rest day

Whats working for me...
  • Training schedule mentioned above. I stick to it but occasionally If i feel i need a rest, so i take the day off (but only once per week)
  • I have a nutriblast for breakfast. I <3 my nutribullet!! Spinach, pear, banana, pineapple, flaxseeds, almond milk and a scoop of protein powder! Yum!
  • I try not to eat white carbs for dinner - no potatoes, pasta or bread. (Im not perfect about it tho)
  • I have substituted almond milk for milk (I was very surprised to find out i like it!!)
  • I am trying to eat alot more cleanly and more often! Boiled eggs are a great snack eith some S&P!
  • I made myself a little poster with my goals, training regime and a pic of a woman I would love to look like and posted 5 or so around my house!! On one I even have a countdown of the weeks with my weights on it so Ican see my progress!!

Since i started the above on the 21st May, I have dropped just under 5 kgs and i look forward to dropping more!!

What are your goals? Motivations? Training regimes? Tips?