Anyone working with a trainer? Need support.

Sta827 Posts: 23 Member
I start working with a trainer again tomorrow. I'm excited about this AND nervous. I'm know I'll be held accountable? Which is what I need and why I did it. At the same time, I think in only hesitant because I'm losing the excuses capability.
Looking for support and motivation and to offer some as well.


  • Sta827
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    Sorry about the type'Os!!
  • marinamorgan2428
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    I am working with personal trainers almost a year. Pro-no excuses to skip gym day and will work your hardest. Cons- trainer should know how to help overweight person. My second trainer was 260 lb and knows how hard to stay motivated. He not beat me up if I had wings . Just will make adjustments in our work out. He has set up my macros and now I am in good shape, thanks to him. Good luck to you and keep and touch.
  • arditarose
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    Doesn't your trainer offer you support any motivation?
  • cgvet37
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    A good trainer will give you the tools to succeed. They will push you. The rest is up to you. My trainers are awesome. I give them 100%, and they give me the same. You get out what you put in.
  • cyndit1
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    My trainer is amazing and holds me accountable and makes me want to work my hardest. I've had great results with her and she keeps mixing things up so I don't get bored. We hire them because we want what they have to'll be great.
  • Lesley2603
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    My trainer is the best. He pushes me way beyond what I thought were my capabilities, is concerned with my whole life style not just the time I spend with him in the gym, checks my nutrition, keeps me from getting bored, even messages me when he knows I have a big presentation at work.
  • carolinelanewa
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    I can understand where you are at. When i first started had never been into the gym. Just classes. I was nervous and very anxious. Going to be honest. First two weeks were awful and i hated it. Why? No fitness. But now its part of my routine and i love my time in gym. I would be lost without my trainer. Its a commitment and i would hate to not turn up for no reason. Been with her 4 days a week for six months. She has got me fitter than i have been in 30 years or even what i thought i was capable of. Has planned my workouts to be tougher as i get fitter. Enjoy her company and she pushes me to my ability. Totally motivating. But she is also a very professional pt. She has a plan to get you where you want to be and puts in a lot more time than i ever pay her for. Ie. Checks my fitness pal food. She gets as much joy as i do as i go about my fitness journey. If you get a great trainer it makes all the difference. They provide you with motivation, fitness, confidence and even a friend and a sense of belonging in what for me was totally alien. Thanks Jess.
  • rainbowbow
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    I am a personal trainer myself and have worked with many trainers before (and after) i decided to take this career path.

    Some have been great, and some have been terrible. I'm not saying this to worry you, i'm saying this to encourage you to switch trainers if you get a bad one and don't let this one experience dictate your view on trainers in general.

    Something that is so so important when beginning a relationship with a trainer is making sure you two are both on the same exact page. Goals, methods, personality, and more. While this trainer can help you stay more accountable really your success is going to come down to you and more importantly how you act and what you eat when you're not in the gym.

    I wish you the best of luck. And remember, you'll only get out what you put in!
  • scottburger104
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    I work with one long distance. He provides me with quality programming and nutrition guidelines that change every month and I can telegram him with questions and form checks. I'm gaining an appreciation for the subtle complexity of his programming and I know that left on my own I could not produce the same caliber programs. Its definately worth paying someone who has a wide experience base with all people types in my opinion.
  • Lesley2603
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    Just wanted to come back here. When I first met my trainer I was 57 and had never set foot in a gym in my life before. My son had just announced his wedding date and I really did not want to look like a fat blob in the wedding photos. I was introduced to my trainer, who is the same age as my son, I really would not have carried on without him, I would have been on the treadmill or bike, got bored and stopped going to the gym, instead I am now squatting, lunging, dead lifting, have never been bored, have been pushed way beyond my limits, have moaned, have sworn at him, mostly in my head but occasionally out loud, have cried in the shower after a workout, have messaged him asking him what he has done to my glutes when I couldn't sit down the morning after, have lost 42 lbs and dropped from a size 20 to a size 12 and am happier than I have been in a long time, which means my husband and children are happier, my sons wedding is in three weeks but my sessions with my trainer will continue as long as possible.
  • Sta827
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    Thanks so much to all of you. I have to say, things have been crazy and I totally forgot I posted this. Since posting, I've gotten married and relocated. I'm faced with a whole new set of challenges.
    Thank you for responding!