Bowflex or home gym

I'm considering purchasing a bowflex, how many people have it (or something similar) and still use it?


  • louise13dunstan
    louise13dunstan Posts: 74 Member
    I love my bowflex weights. Wouldn't be without them,had them since Xmas, use 4 times a week 30min workouts. Don't take up alot of space either
  • NealNH
    NealNH Posts: 104 Member
    We have an older Bowflex Ultimate which uses their "power rods" and seems to work fine.
    If I were buying one now I don't know if I would chose the same type or go for the newer style with the discs instead of the rods. About the only exercise I do not care to do on the Bowflex is squats and that is just a matter of how I feel not anything actually wrong with the machine. If you are going to work out alone I think it is a safer alternative than free weights unless you invest in something like a power rack that will catch the weight if you lose control or cannot complete the lift.
    My wife and I are both in our 60s and even though we usually work out together she has no problem using the machine on her own.
  • curlsintherack
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    I purchased one shortly after my son was born because I didn't want weights to drop or fall on him. It will do what it says it will do it can give you a good workout. You have to work at it to do it because its really easy to cheat the bows.

    Its NOT as good as an entire gym full of free weights but it does fit in a relatively small space inside your home.

    I don't think you could gain serious muscle on it but you can work out alone.

    I think if I had it to do again I would have just found a way to put my bench in a place where my son couldn't ever get to weight plates.

  • singletrackmtbr
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    For the price of these things you could create an awesome home gym, including a cage so you could work out yourself. I'd personally go the traditional route.