Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

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I was recently diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and am trying to lose 10% of my body weight ASAP. So I was wondering if anyone could save me some researching time and knows what percentage I should set my fats, carbs, and proteins at on here? I need to lower my fats and carbs for sure, but I'm just not sure what's a realistic percentage I can roughly keep track with.

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  • socioseguro
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    I used to have fatty liver once.
    My medical doctor gave me a referral to a licensed dietitian. It was very helpful. My medical insurance covered a certain number of sessions per year
    Could you ask for a referral ?

    If negative, start using MFP.
    Buy yourself a food scale with a tare button, weigh all the food you ingest and log it at MFP. After a month, you can see the trends and adjust.
    Read the Most helpful Post at the "Get started" MFP message board.
    I have changed my macros objectives at MFP, very slowly. I found out that my body does not like sudden changes.
    Good luck in your healthy journey
  • TrailNurse
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    Intermittent Fasting will heal NASH. Also sugar/carbs contribute to NASH so I would look into a Ketogenic diet.
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    The book, Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution might help. He has a low carb high fat plan aimed at reducing insulin needs and insulin resistance. I use it for prediabetic issues. It's basically a ketogenic diet where carbs are quite low - below 50g per day. Carbs are at 5-15% depending on your caloric needs and activity level. He advises moderate protein (often around 20% - possibly higher if you are very active). fats fill in the rest.

    I keep my carbs below 30g for maintenance but below 20g for losing (at 1500kcal per day). My protein is 20% and fats are 75%. The key is to use fats to replace carbs that were cut.

    Try a macro calculator to figure out what works for you.

    Consider joining the Low Carber Daily group for support if you choose to try a low carb path. There are a few in there dealing with NAFLD.