Hi so i lost 76 pounds in 7 months

So now i wanna body build but i dont wanna gain weight any ideas? Pls help


  • RosemaryBronte
    RosemaryBronte Posts: 103 Member
    I don't know about body building but I want to say how wonderful you are to lose that weight. Fantastic
  • BarbellzNBrotein
    BarbellzNBrotein Posts: 306 Member
    That's impossible my friend. To build muscle the body is required to have excess calories.. meaning weight gain (Some fat gain too but it's negligible if you do it correctly). Correctly meaning a slight increase in cals, anywhere from 300 - 400 cals then heavy *kitten* lifting and pushing yourself to the limit. You can't go wrong. For the calorie increase, add 100 cals weekly so your body can adjust accordingly.