Gastric Sleeve/ high protein diet

I am curious to know if anyone has gastric sleeve and how do they get all their protein in?


  • Ultima_Morpha
    Ultima_Morpha Posts: 895 Member
    I'm just about a year out from gastric bypass and I still drink two servings of protein powder (40-50 grams protein) most days to supplement my food intake. It works well for me in the overall scheme of my life and helps me get in sufficient calories to fuel 10 mile runs without discomfort.
  • nancydhu
    nancydhu Posts: 11 Member
    I just had mine June 7th....water and protein are the hardest things for me to get in and I can't stand how some of the protein drinks taste! Thank you RodaRose for posting about the group on myfitnesspal! My nutritionist tells me to sip, sip, sip...
  • carin56
    carin56 Posts: 4 Member
    unflavored protein powder mixed into a veggie fruit smoothie. Protein shake, hard boiled eggs,