5'6" ladies... What is your goal?

Hi ladies
I am currently 63kg, aiming for 59kg
What are your goals?


  • Trish1c
    Trish1c Posts: 549 Member
    I'm 157 (down 1 pound since I started) and want to get under 140 lbs.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 24,932 Member
    I'm 57 kg now ... aiming for ... 55 kg or maybe 54 kg ...
  • kittyy250
    kittyy250 Posts: 31 Member
    Currently at 159lbs (72kg), down 82 lbs from 241, moving towards my goal of 145 (65kg).

    Wow congrats on the loss!!

  • 007Aggie
    007Aggie Posts: 110 Member
    Currently 129.5, goal is 125. I was there in February.

    My highest non-pregnancy weight was around 170.
  • Enjcg5
    Enjcg5 Posts: 389 Member
    I'm 5'5.5 153lbs Small framed and I'd like to get to 135lbs and maintain. Highest non-pregnancy weight that I recall was 168lb. My lowest "adult" weight was 120. (This was my weight at 21 at first prenatal appointment).
  • dragon_girl26
    dragon_girl26 Posts: 2,187 Member
    kittyy250 wrote: »
    Currently at 159lbs (72kg), down 82 lbs from 241, moving towards my goal of 145 (65kg).

    Wow congrats on the loss!!

    Thank you! :)
  • xtina315
    xtina315 Posts: 218 Member
    Currently 195.5 wanting to get to 140-150 because I felt the best at that weight
  • Shell4624
    Shell4624 Posts: 32 Member
    SW 175, CW 166, GW 155ish. I fluctuate a lot and honestly if I can swing between 150-max 155 I'd be a happy girl!
  • brittudy
    brittudy Posts: 2 Member
    I started at 256. I've been down to 132 but am currently 175. Working with my doctor and doing the bod pod it looks like 125 will be right for me after I have the excess skin removed from my less. At 135 I still had a higher fat percentage and carried excess weight on my hips and thighs. Sure wish there was a way to lose from the knees up :-). I always lose from the neck down so I look thinner than I am.
  • queenofpuppies
    queenofpuppies Posts: 189 Member
    SW: 170ish CW: 154 GW: 125...but I would like to add muscle back when I get down to 125, so I hope to maintain at 135.
  • DeviatedNorm
    DeviatedNorm Posts: 422 Member
    SW: 275 CW: 189 GW: 150