On my 4th fitbit Charge, FRUSTRATED; other options?

I just got off the phone with fitbit support, and they are sending me yet another new fitbit charge. This will be the 4th fitbit charge I have had in 13 months. The first one worked great until the band broke about 3 month sin while i was doing burpees. It tore on the underside where the flexible material is screwed into the actual computer part of the charge. The replacement they sent me last about a month and the battery died and would only hold a charge for about 24hrs. This current one that is being replaced has worked well for 5 months, but recently the band started chipping away on one of the edges. It didn't affect the operation of the device but looked bad, but 2 days ago it suddenly stopped holding a charge for more than 24hrs, so I called and they are sending me a replacement.

The customer service with fitbit has been prompt, friendly, and overall a great experience. However, I am disappointed in the product overall. I don't feel that I'm asking to much that something I pay $100 for should last at least a year before needing replacement. So I'm thinking of selling the new fitbit still in the box, and going for something else that will keep track of my steps, running, and over all TDEE. Anyone have any non fitbit recommendations?


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    I like my jawbone.

    It's pretty and looks like jewellery. App is easy to use and it has sleep functions with it.

    Silent alarm for waking and reminders to get moving.

    I won't say I haven't had issues but again customer service has been great.
    I have the Jawbone2 no HR monitor or REM sleep.
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    I had the Jawbone Up3 and went through 3 in less than 6 months before switching to the Fitbit Charge. I've had this for 8 months now. I noticed a few months in that it wouldn't hold a charge for more than a day and half, 2 days max. I discovered if I turned off the auto-syncing the battery would last at least 3 days.
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    Would the other Fitbits not work for you?
  • ew_david
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    I have a Fitbit One and have never had a problem with it. I had my original One for 2 years without issue before I gave it to my cousin. I got a Charge HR because I thought I needed the latest and greatest and didn't like it. I sold that and got another One. No issues and I can go 2 weeks before it needs to be charged.
  • CincyNeid
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    Garmin VivoActive HR, VivoSmart HR, or VivoFit.

    I work in the Automotive Industry and my VivoSmart HR takes beating and keeps on working.

    The VivoSmart HR+, and VivoActive HR both have GPS modules in them so you can take them out for a run w/o your phone.
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    I just came across this as I am packing up my boyfriend's Fitbit Charge HR to return. I bought it on July 4th of last year. I also bought my Vivosmart at the same time and knock on wood no issues. Have to do some research to see what other options are out there now because he figured he'd upgrade anyways.
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    Garmin is way better
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    I like my Garmin Vivosmart. I even took it scuba diving and there are no issues.
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    The band started coming apart for my husband as well after 3 months, had to get it replaced. Same with a friend of mine. I had the flex it was great but upgraded to the blaze. I've had no problems with blaze.
  • Emzy1079
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    I switched from Fitbit charge hr to a Garmin vivoactive hr. Highly recommended the Garmin. Mine takes a beating sometimes and is still kicking along. I find the stats produced are a lot more accurate than the charge as well.
  • dragon_girl26
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    I have a Polar M400 and I love it. I've only ever used Polar products, though. My dad had one of the little Jawbone Ups for awhile and really enjoyed using it, until it fell out of his pocket one day at the doctors office. Would recommend either one.
  • Bianca42
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    After my 3rd FitBit Charge died in less than a year, I switched to a Garmin Vivofit 2. I like that the battery lasts a year before needing to be replaced and that I can wear it in the pool or hot tub.
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    I'm 2 months in with my fitbit charge hr now I'm waiting on a replacement because the band started separating and bubbling. Thinking about just seling the new one and moving to using my polar m400 all the time instead of just for running.
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    I also went through 4 Fitbit Charges in one year. Between batteries NOT holding a charge for more than 24 hours to the band falling apart, I just gave up and retired my Fitness tracker usage completely. I do miss it. As I am a hearing impaired person, I do not own a cell phone, so many of the trackers are out for me. Fitbit support was great for that year of warranty, but 4 in one year? Obviously there are issues on both the technical and manufacturing side. Until their product is built better, built to last I will not put my $$$ into their product.
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    i loved my Fitbit One...worked perfectly for 3 years until i went swimming with it on :( - i've replaced with a fitbit flex (wanted something water resistant for the summer) but will prob buy another Fitbit One in the near future and switch between the two.
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    i loved my Fitbit One...worked perfectly for 3 years until i went swimming with it on :( - i've replaced with a fitbit flex (wanted something water resistant for the summer) but will prob buy another Fitbit One in the near future and switch between the two.

    According to Fitbit the Flex isn't Water Resistant enough for swimming. I'd recommend a Garmin Vivo for swimming purposes.

  • bionicdiver
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    I've had one Fitbit Surge since they were released early last year. Before that, I had a Fitbit One. I've never had a problem except when I jumped in the pool with my Surge. That was my fault. Put it in rice for a week and it works great, lasts a long time. And that happened last summer.
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    I've had several Fitbit Ones. Two (maybe three?) went through the wash and stopped working. One went on a shelf and was never seen again, maybe the cat got it. Now I have a GPS watch, I need a watch anyway to know what time it is when I wake up too early in the morning (can I go back to sleep?). It has a step counter because they all do now. I looked into a GPS watch a couple years ago and they weren't "there" yet, but they are now.
  • Mapalicious
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    I don't like wearing something ALL the time (only during workouts/bicycle commutes), so I use a PolarA300. Very affordable, and can also sync to an app on your phone. I love it.
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    Over the years, I've owned the following Fitbits:

    Classic (2009)
    Ultra (updated version of classic; 2011), 2 of them, a roller coaster broke one of them.
    Zip (3 of them, battery issues with all of them)
    Flex (2 of them, went 4 days without using as it didn't let me know the battery was low/dead).


    So with all the trouble, I decided (I'd been thinking of it for awhile/a few years) to switch over to Garmin. I liked the coin battery (like the zip uses) and the always on display so I could/can use as a watch if I want. It does all the things I want. I decided to go for the Vivofit 3 (newest model) because of the size, battery life, backlight (when needed) and the fact it's waterproof. I also like that it connects with an ANT+ HRM if you'd like to use one and that you don't have a HR on your wrist at all times.