Not new but new!

Hi everyone! I've used MyFitnessPal a lot off and on. I'm really hoping this time I can stick with it and the gym and actually make some progress. I need some people to hold me accountable so add me on snapchat at notjustanyjenny and I'll be posting my meals (hopefully super healthy), my workouts and progress. I'd like to follow you guys too to keep me motivated!! TIA and good luck to everyone on reaching their goals!!


  • EpicPozo
    EpicPozo Posts: 5 Member
    Snapchat: epicpozo
    Im a newb too, will be documenting anything i eat and workouts.
  • shawyor
    shawyor Posts: 3 Member
    I'm new but not I can stick with it too
  • gracepost123
    gracepost123 Posts: 81 Member
    Awesome! Will be adding you! I always need ideas and help with staying accountable
  • zduraj
    zduraj Posts: 15 Member
    I'm new too, and I need some support. Add me too