Where are you from?



  • fourmartinkids
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    Mussronkey wrote: »
    Raleigh, North Carolina

    Not far from you. I'm
    Near Charlotte NC
  • strugglewithweight
    strugglewithweight Posts: 2 Member
    Chinese in US
  • Goldie14
    Goldie14 Posts: 16 Member
    Hampshire, UK
  • lightenup2016
    lightenup2016 Posts: 1,051 Member
    I'm originally from TX, and I'm currently visiting family in TX. I live in NC.
  • SmilesFromKazzy67
    SmilesFromKazzy67 Posts: 39 Member
    England :)
  • BigDougie1211
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  • Chanchka
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  • mrav10722
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    Massachusetts :)
  • Chris_cairns80
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    Im in scotland
  • BehindtheMic
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  • tech_kitten
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  • jcardosi75
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  • 8diamonds
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    South Wales, UK.
  • jeannievaldes
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    Miami!! ;)
  • harryhole987
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    I think it's so cool how people are from all over the world and use the same app, so I wanted to ask this: where is everyone from?

    I'm from Texas

    New Jersey
  • bigrevkev55
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    Nashville, Tennessee
  • Carolep8359
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    California then Texas now Raleigh North Carolina and staying put
  • leopardeyes72
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    Illinois yeah!
  • trulydivyn
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    HannaSusi wrote: »
    Finland here.

    I think it's funny how everyone else specifies their country except americans :smile: You just tell your state, and everyone's like, oh that in the US. I'm not saying you shouldn't do it, I just find it funny how all the world knows your states :smiley:

    I was thinking similarly Hanna, only the opposite - for example, Finland is a small country, but I'm sure you live in a city there? For example, I was going to post - Vegas! because everyone knows where Vegas is, right? If I posted Nevada, lots of people would assume Vegas - but it's only a small part of the whole state. Like the people who post "California" which could mean anywhere between San Diego to Yreka if you think about it...

    Great point <3

    Dorrie aka TrulyDivyn from Vegas <3
  • ashleegolding
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    Melbourne, Australia! Feel free to add me as a friend (anyone can, but if any Aussies see this please add me.. would be nice to have a couple friends from the same time zone hahaha)