My Fitbit got dressed up

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I love my Fitbit ChargeHR but after 1 1/2 years of daily wearing 24/7 I have gotten tired of the same old boring look. I have been tempted to buy something else for the change but have been reluctant as mine has been very faithful--accurate, no rashes, durable. Then I discovered this neat "sleeve" on Amazon. I am sure there are many of you who know about these but I have not seen any posts so I thought I would post. I hope the pictures work as I have never posted pics before. The sleeve is silicone, a little stretchy so easy to put on, thin but durable. It doesn't interfere with the screen--in fact I think it provides a little protection from bumps that can scratch it. The heart rate sensor and charge port on the underside work fine. The little button on the side is covered but responds well to pressing and I think the cover will help keep it from falling off which I have seen from posts on the Fitbit FB page and forum have been a problem. I have also seen posts where people complain about the band "bubbling" or separating. I think the sleeve will also provide protection against this or if it has already occurred will cover it up. I don't know if it will help those who have experienced some sort of rash as it is also made of silicone but it might. There are quite a few on Amazon but I liked how colorful this one is. I might get a couple of different ones to give my band an occasional new look.


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    That's really cool! I have a bracelet, kind of expensive but it was a gift :smile: I like that it disguises the fitbit but even though it says it fits the Charge HR the elastic keeping the fitbit in place covers it up so it doesn't record. I might have to see if I can cut a slit or something. I'll definitely be looking into those sleeves though!